Putting out fires

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
For the past several days, we've had monsoon-type weather here in the mountains. The other day, the golf course looked like it was covered with snow. It was hail - for about 10 minute we had marble-size hail stones everywhere. The thunder and lightning were spectacular, too.  Where there's lightning and dry forest, there's often more than one fire...
20060725 - Geomac fire map.jpg
Each one of those triangles represents a major wildfire incident. We have a not-so-small (> 2,000 acres) forest fire nearby that's been growing for the past 4 days.

The National Incident Information Center reports:

The fire helicopters are busy picking up water and small fish from our lower lake to drop on the fire in the mountains. We sure appreciate the work of the fire departments and forestry services.

It's usually quiet but rarely boring living in the national forest. I've just surfaced from my self-imposed 2 week period of seclusion to complete and present my business plan for eProductivity.Net. (Thanks, Michael. I'll share more in another post)  I've returned to a full in-box to process. Time to put my GTD hat on and put out some fires of my own. Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye on things outside, too. You can track the fires via satellite at GEOMAC. Visit my WeatherCam for details and follow the links to wildfire maps.

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Putting out fires


Hope you and the family stay safe up there!

Looking forward to hearing how the business plan presentation went and seeing the results that come from it. Cheers!

Posted at 07/28/2006 9:16:22 by Chris Blatnick

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