Dave Snowden, in his typical fashion posted this slide in advance of his keynote today:
"Knowledge management was a theory or rather a Weltanschauung supported by dysfunctional technology, while social computing represents and increasingly functional technology utilizing dysfunctional & outmoded theory."

I'm sure his wrap-up keynote will be quite interesting.

 OK, I give up. If I try to live blog this I know I'll miss the key message. Dave's not a superficial speaker. Every sentence or story challenges our current perceptions. Dave's on a roll. So much so that I do not want to miss anything by blogging it. (If you've had the privilege of hearing David Snowden speak before, you know what I mean.)  I'm deleting my current posts; perhaps I'll come back after I've listened to the recording and thought about what Dave had to say.

Update 2:
Dave's posted the podcast from his keynote, here and my colleague, Michael Sampson's blogged his thoughts, here.

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