I've received some interesting requests for eProductivity but none as original as the one I received this morning:
Re: eProductivity for Lotus Notes and GTD

Hello from Denmark :-)

I have told Santa that I would really really like to have a copy of eProductivity for Lotus Notes.

He said that I have been a good boy so I should contact you directly to request a preview....

I've had people contact me directly or via a friend to get into the eProductivity preview program, but this is the first request that I know of that solicited Santa's help.  A novel approach to be sure.

So, I responded:
You got my attention. Mrs. Mack told me to tell you to ask Santa to stop by and pick up the copies on his way to your house. ;-)

As you know, we are in the last stages of beta. Please tell me a little about yourself and your organization's use of GTD & Notes and we'll see what we can do.


PS. May I turn your email into a blog post? It was great.

We exchanged emails today and, as a result, I've learned a little more. Apparently, this person owns several businesses and recently made the decision to switch from Outlook/exchange to Lotus Notes. He's a big GTD fan and hopes to transform his companies by encouraging his managers and employees to use Notes and GTD for collaboration and productivity.

I couldn't have described a more ideal candidate for eProductivity.

Needless to say, I invited him to participate in the eProductivity preview program.

Perhaps I should send a thank-you note to Santa?

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People are asking Santa for eProductivity for Lotus Notes

hahaha...this is funny

Posted at 01/05/2008 0:07:08 by Pam Cuivn

People are asking Santa for eProductivity for Lotus Notes

Hi Eric,

I'm Danish too and would very much like the GTD principles to be manifasted here in Denmark. However, the GTD methodology is not known to many Danes. I'm very passionate about GTD and would love to learn more about the Danish CEO who is introducing GTD to his companies. Therefore, I would very much like to get in contact with the Dane you mentioned who asked Santa for your help.

Keep up this great blog!


Posted at 01/14/2008 14:34:40 by Mark Mayland

GTD in Denmark

Mark, I will forward your email on to the fellow in Denmark that contacted me. May I suggest that a great way to find serious GTDers is to login to the forums at http://www.DavidCo.com. If you are a GTD Connect member - there's a social networking lounge you can use to find and meet other GTDers from around the world. The free GTD Forums are a gold mine of information, resources, and people who, like yourself, are passionate about GTD. Good luck!

Posted at 01/14/2008 15:11:00 by Eric Mack

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