The Brain as a networked nonspatial interface to your thoughts: In this second installment of my interview with Harlan and Shelley, Harlan takes us on a tour of his brain and answers many of my questions. He even promises Lotus Notes users a treat before the product launch!

This podcast is an audio tour of a visual product, an interview Harlan Hugh and Shelley Hayduk of The Brain Technologies at their offices in beautiful Marina Del Rey, California. Also joining me, was my colleague and KM expert, Steve Barth.
As I've written before, Personal Brain is an amazing tool for mapping your brain. You might even call it a true mind mapping tool. Listen to the podcast and you hear why I think so. I plan to make The Brain a key component to my personal knowledge management toolkit along with Lotus Notes, MindManager, and other excellent tools.

You can listen to or download the second part of this interview with Harlan and Shelley over on my Notes on Productivity site.

Podcast: Part two of my interview with The Brain creator, Harlan Hugh.

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Part two of my interview with The Brain creator, Harlan Hugh

I fall in the with the group of users having several small brains instead of one overarching mega-brain. I do this so that I can confidently pass my brain to others or clients without having to worry about inappropriate information leaking out.

My current employer is expanding its technical base by hiring engineers, supply chain experts, project managers, and the like. Using PB4 (PersonalBrain 4), I have put together a well-received company-specific glossary. With this brain, new and veteran employees can share a vocabulary from day one. When developing the GlossaryBrain, I was surprised to find how highly linked our company's terminology is. To augment this brain, I will soon be adding internal links between topics and experts in the company who are willing to tutor new hires.

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