Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Two

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
This is segment two of the paperless challenge podcast. You can find segment one here.

Listen in as I discuss my 8-week paperless challenge with my guest, Tablet PC MVP, Tracy Hooten, of The Student Tablet PC blog. This podcast covers the various aspects of the paperless challenge, its inspiration, how we prepared for it, the tools and methodologies used and the lessons we learned. Most important, we answer the many paperless challenge questions posted to our blogs or sent to us by email over the last several months.

Paperless Challenge Discussion topics:

Inspiration and objectives for the paperless challenge
Preparation: hardware & software
Tools and methodologies
Surprising discoveries
Tips, tricks, and best practices
Lessons learned
And most important, answers to your questions

Our podcast ran longer than anticipated so I've split the podcast up into segments for your convenience. Here's the second segment. Other segments to follow.

Special thanks for
Bruce Elgort and his clown friend, Brian Reed for contributing their time and talent to create the new intro and exit themes. Thanks guys!

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Paperless Challenge Podcast Part 2 is available

Eric Mack has released the second podcast in a series covering his paperless challenge on his Tecra M4 Tablet PC. Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC blog joins Eric again to discuss the best practices and challenges they faced trying to go completely paperless. I am really enjoying these podcasts having been paperless for some months now with my Tablet PC and it is fun hearing Eric and Tracy discussing the same issues I faced when I made the conversion.

Posted at 01/31/2006 7:40:15 by OnTheRun: Using Mobile Devices Since They Weighed 30 lbs

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Two


I'm listening this podcast and I'm in the place where you are discussing the little pen. There is none in the M200.

Like Tracy said, in the battery compartment there is the pen place, a little design of it but no pen. I have taken the little pen of my former tabletpc (the Acer C110 who did come with 2 pens, one big and one small) and put it in that place on the battery compartment of the M200 and it fits perfectly.

I bet Toshiba sells them (Acer does too).

Best and congratulations about an outstanding podcast.

Posted at 01/31/2006 9:48:54 by Fernando

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Two

First I think your paperless challenge is a noble pursuit and has really inspired me to work on living without as much paper.

I ran across a web site that offers some books and text books in a digital format and hadn't heard mention of it before so I thought I would drop in a link. { Link }

Posted at 01/31/2006 12:40:15 by Elroy Jetson

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Two

Aha! I found it! It clips on the side! I never even thought about the little pens (my Acer 110 had one). Thanks!

Posted at 01/31/2006 14:56:13 by Tracy Hooten

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Two

Add a pocket pc. It can really make going paperless a lot easier.

- easier to carry so you have it with you more often

- great for quick notes (especially if you use a program like PhatPad - which also has a tablet pc version)

- great for reading documents and even editing (use Repligo/TextMaker/PlanMaker); repligo even converts pdfs into formats that can be highlighted and annotated (although not with ink, as I understand it)

- great for audio recording and playback

Posted at 01/31/2006 20:42:03 by Michael Nelson

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Two

Great job Eric and Tracy (and thanks again for the flowchart Tracy!)

Posted at 02/01/2006 13:29:38 by Walter

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