Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Three

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
This week, we continue the paperless challenge discussion by answering your questions. In case you missed the previous segments, here are links to part one and two.

Listen in as I discuss my 8-week paperless challenge with my guest, Tablet PC MVP, Tracy Hooten, of The Student Tablet PC blog. This podcast covers the various aspects of the paperless challenge, its inspiration, how we prepared for it, the tools and methodologies used and the lessons we learned. Most important, we answer the many paperless challenge questions posted to our blogs or sent to us by email over the last several months.

Paperless Challenge Discussion topics:

Inspiration and objectives for the paperless challenge
Preparation: hardware & software
Tools and methodologies
Surprising discoveries
Tips, tricks, and best practices
Lessons learned
And most important, answers to your questions

Our podcast ran longer than anticipated so I've split the podcast up into segments for your convenience. Here's the third segment. I'll post the final segment next week. You can subscribe to my RSS feed to receive this automatically.

Special thanks for
Bruce Elgort and his clown friend, Brian Reed for contributing their time and talent to create the new intro and exit themes. Thanks guys!

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