Paperless challenge: here’s the map

Saturday, October 29th, 2005
Several readers have asked me to share my planning map for my Paperless Challenge. This afternoon, I created a MindManager map and dumped all of my current thoughts and ideas into it.

Here's the map.

Note, you will have to allow the Active-X control to see the MindManager viewer. You can move around, resize, print, or even download the map to your own PC. I recommend that you click on the menu button and open the map in a new window.

I can already tell you that the first challenge I faced today was my habit of printing my completed mind map out on a large 11x17 piece of paper. I like paper. I'm curious to see what my thoughts are in a few weeks. I can take comfort in thinking about all the InkJet cartridges I'll save. :-)

If you want to follow along and have not already subscribed to this blog, here's a link to the blog and comment feed.

For those of you who are interested in how I embedded the map viewer into my blog, it was really quite easy. Embedding the map amounted to pasting in a few lines of code. (See here for details)

UPDATE 11/1/2005

For non-IE users, click here to download the MindManager map
For a PDF version, click here

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Paperless challenge: here’s the map

Hello Eric! I think the idea of going paperless is an intriguing one and the fact that you are trying to use your M4 as a tablet more instead of paper and pen is a great trial! Question, on your mind map, did you design the map with your pen and convert your handwriting to text, or did you type everything? I tend to type more and I'm trying to get away from that and use the pen for my MindMaps, but I am finding it a difficult thing to do!!



Posted at 10/30/2005 7:21:55 by Jim Smith

Paperless challenge: here’s the map

What printer do you use for the 11x17 printing? :)

I am not in a paperless experiment, and I often use 11x17 for big spreadsheets at work, but found the need to do some of that at home as well. I was about to look for printers that supported that paper size.

Posted at 10/30/2005 7:52:13 by L Becker

Paperless challenge: here’s the map

I love the comment in the mindmap Eric. "What could go wrong?" - "nothing if I buy a Mac. Your buddy Michael Sampson will love this.

Posted at 10/30/2005 9:40:12 by Walter Willis

Paperless challenge: here’s the map

Any chance of a plain old link to the mindmap? No matter what I do the viewer window will not come up.

Posted at 10/30/2005 18:59:26 by Brian Kennemer

Paperless challenge: here’s the map


The viewer only works for Internet Explorer. Are you using Internet Explorer with the viewer mindmap viewer downloaded from

Posted at 10/30/2005 20:28:08 by scott

I have posted the mind map as a file

I've added it to the above post. Looks like the MindManager viewer only works in IE.


Posted at 10/30/2005 21:04:35 by Eric Mack

re: Paperless challenge: here’s the map

Walter, Michael may not see it, precisely because he is using a Mac. :-)

It would be neat to see MindJet will come out with a Mac version in the future. I can understand, from a development perspective, how this would be an investment that might not make sense. So much of MindManager leverages the Windows platform. A Mac version would not only require a substantial rewrite, it would probably lose many of the features that make it so powerful. Still. it would be neat to see. MindManager's one of the applications that I would not want to lose if I were going to switch from PC to Mac.

Posted at 10/30/2005 21:06:03 by Eric Mack

Printing 11x17 Mind Maps

I use an HP 9650 wide format printer. I keep it loaded with 11x17 paper and mind maps are the only thing that I print with it. (~$350 at Staples) The printer will actually take up to 13x50" paper, however that size is hard to come by and quite expensive. The 11x17 format works, because you can fold it in half and file it nicely. My friend Michael Sampson does something similar with the larger A3 format. Apparently that size paper is common down under and I would imagine that it's less expensive, too.

Posted at 10/30/2005 21:10:37 by Eric Mack

I typed the map; ink is next

Jim, although I have inked maps before, I used the keyboard for this map. It's faster for me - at present.. As part of this exercise, I plan to draw several maps, too, so that I will become proficient with both methods.

Posted at 10/30/2005 21:15:19 by Eric Mack

online conversion of .mmap files to HTML

Hi, on my website I offer a new service to convert different mindmap tool formats to HTML or other formats.

Just try it: { Link } !

To convert Eric's example map, at the moment you still have to unzip it and upload the Document.xml file.

Posted at 12/03/2005 3:39:43 by Clemens

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