It seems that someone did not take a course in how to secure sensitive data. That, or they did not care to protect sensitive data now that the presidential election is past. At what amounted to a campaign headquarters post-election garage sale, someone sold BlackBerries, laptops and more. The problem, at least in the case of the two BlackBerries, was that the data had not been wipe - something that would have been easy to do.

Via Fox News:
McCain Team Sells Info-Rich BlackBerrys to TV Station

I share this not to get into a political discussion -- I'm sure we can find ample examples of stupidity in both parties -- but rather to consider once again the cost of lost information. From a competitive intelligence perspective, I cannot think of a better bargain on the part of those shopping. I wonder who else was buying?

As for me, instead of selling hard drives and PDA's on eBay or even giving them away, I physically destroy them, either with a sledge hammer or a drill press. But I'm paranoid about my information.

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