FedEx delivered the new iPad today; however, it's still in the shrink wrap. I've promised myself that I would get my eProductivity inboxes processed before I played with the new tablet. (Which is why I'm blogging, right?)

The last time I was in this situation was almost 7 years ago when I was getting ready to unbox my first tablet pc. I eventually did the unboxing the next day and recorded a podcast. We had a lot of fun with that, back when Tablet PCs were 7 pounds and would run for 3 hours (maybe) on a charge.

Now, in the "Post PC era" as Apple calls it, a tablet is light and thin and dare I say "simply amaaaazing". Anyway, time to tidy up here and get ready for the unboxing with a friend who also purchased a new iPad. My focus with the iPad will be on integration with Lotus Notes and other productivity apps as tools for GTD and high performance knowledge work. I look forward to this next adventure.

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One step closer. Digital torture. Take II

Don't forget Notability.

Posted at 03/26/2012 23:02:27 by Matt Frields

re: One step closer. Digital torture. Take II

Thanks for the reminder, Matt. I'll have a look.

Posted at 03/27/2012 8:34:17 by Eric Mack

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