You may be aware that Michael Sampson's been trying to get me to buy a Mac for years. I've got nothing against the Mac, I think they are elegant machines; it's just that many of the core business applications that I use won't run on the Mac. Yet.

This week, I move one step closer. One of my favorite productivity applications, MindManager, has finally released a Mac-Native version.  With the exception of Ink, the MindManager .mmap files type is fully cross-platform between Windows and Mac.
Today, I thought of another reason to consider a Mac: a Mac, MindManager, and a 30" Apple Cinema display would make a great dedicated mind mapping station at the highest resolution. Seems ideal to me; at least until I can get one of these to carry around.

This summer, IBM plans to release native versions of Lotus Notes and SameTime for the Mac. I do not yet know if Notes doclinks are supported in the Mac version of MindManager (they work great in windows, BTW) but having native versions of these apps on a Mac make it a more compelling tools to consider for my business productivity applications. I'm watching this space carefully.

Well done, MindJet!

If you are already a Mac user, you owe it to yourself to
check out MindManager for the Mac.

You can download a 21-day free trial, here.

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