David Allen is apparently promoting IBM Lotus Notes... again.

I've been following IBMer Peter Simoons's Twitter Feed today as he attends David Allen's, Making It All Work Seminar, in Amsterdam.

Peter's a productivity champion at IBM and we've had many interesting conversations and email exchanges over the years about Lotus Notes, GTD, and how the two intersect. It's been fun to read Peter's take on the new Making It All Work Seminar. (David gave folks that attended Lotusphere 2009 a tiny preview of the MIAW seminar we copresented our Best Practices session: Maximizing personal productivity with IBM Lotus Notes. PDF)

Peter's recent Tweets are quite interesting:

I love this one: "David comparing Lotus Notes to Web 2.0: We had web 2.0 before the web existed." While that statement is probably not entirely accurate, I do love it when people show me something new and I get to say: "but I got that 10 years ago in Notes."

David Allen's been a long time user and champion of Notes. In fact, David was my first Lotus Notes customer - over 15 years ago. I'm amazed that IBM hasn't snagged him as their official spokesperson or asked him to be a key customer reference. If I had a dollar for every time he talked about Lotus Notes at a seminar, to a client, or even at a public conference,  like Office 2.0 (watch the video)... I think IBM missed a huge opportunity when David was at Lotusphere this year. Even though I've heard him speak countless times, I would have much preferred hearing David as the guest speaker. I'm not saying that because David's a friend; I think people would have left the opening session with something they could really put to use.  

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