Some of my readers may know that I have been working to create the Ultimate GTD Implementation tool for Lotus Notes. Well, the past few months have been filled with accomplishment.

The eProductivity Beta is done.

I am now conducting workgroup pilots.
We completed the eProductivity Beta earlier this month and we are now deep into the eProductivity workgroup pilot program. This is where I work with productivity-minded individuals and workgroups to show them how to use eProductivity to get things done, using Lotus Notes.  The feedback has been excellent. Most surprising is how many people - even those with little or no awareness of David Allen's GTD methodology are able to quickly pick up and use the many eProductivity features we have created.  That's my definition of a successful productivity tool!

There seems to be a real need to a way to quickly and easily link actions, emails, and calendar entries to projects - all of which we do quite well.

I plan to keep things under wraps (e.g. I'm holding off on the web site launch) for a while longer so that I can focus on the workgroup pilot and collect the valuable feedback that our pilot program members have been so generous to share. No need for the distraction of a public launch until I'm really ready to open the flood gates. Already, it's daunting to keep up with the requests from people that want to join the eProductivity pilot program. (If you have a productivity-minded team of 10-15 people that are serious about getting things done with Lotus Notes, let me know. I have a few more slots for groups I can work with.)

I'm on an Internet diet, and it's working

In an effort to keep my easily-distracted brain on-task, I have temporarily eliminated all non-purpose-specific Internet web surfing and Internet news from my daily diet and reducing my RSS consumption to a few key sites just a few times a week. It's given me an amazing productivity boost.

So, great things on the horizon. I'll be back, to my blogging in February - unless my children's robotics team wins the state competition, in which case I'll be back, as a proud father, to share their accomplishment.

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no news is good news

Great idea, Eric. Regarding a news diet, my wife and I did the same thing (*all* news, not just 'net) and guess what? >> Nothing really changes.<< I found it helped disconnect from

fear-based news stories that are often mixed with irrelevant fluff. It's just amazing. Also, if anything big happens, my friends (those who aren't on a media diet) will tell me. Talk about useful delegation!

Posted at 01/25/2008 12:58:02 by Matthew Cornell

No blogging for me, until February; I’m on an internet diet

So, I'd like to nominate myself as your substitute blogger in your absence.

Posted at 01/28/2008 11:58:28 by Kathy Mack

re: no news is good news

It's been working out great. I'm getting lots done. I'l be back to blogging soon, as we have finished rolling out eProductivity. Cheers!

Posted at 02/08/2008 15:00:50 by Eric Mack

re: No blogging for me, until February; I’m on an internet diet

OK, you're on. what would you like to blog about?

Posted at 02/08/2008 15:02:09 by Eric Mack

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