Nice try Michael!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
Looks like Michael Sampson's up to his buy-a-Mac, Mack tricks again...

No sooner do I praise Michael for his outstanding conference planning skills, when I discover that, included in the printed list of topics from the conference organizer, are two suspicious titles. I quickly fire off an urgent email to the marketing director:
Thank you, Vanj, for typing up this list of session titles.

Please note that my colleague, Michael Sampson, while very intelligent and helpful is also a clown and he loves to amuse me.

The first two session titles were intended to poke fun at me for not using a Mac. These will NOT be a part of the eProductivity conference.  ;-)

Please remove the following draft conference sessions:
1. Towards Deproductivity: Using a Windows Box
2. Beyond Insanity/Brokenness: Shifting From Windows to a Mac

Nice try Michael, you almost got this past me! ;-)

Discussion/Comments (3):

Nice try Michael!

Are you sure Michael was playing with you? They seem like eminently sensible session titles to me... ;)

Posted at 10/16/2007 13:29:57 by Ben Poole

Nice try Michael!

Right on Mr Poole!!

In addition to the other sessions which Eric will do great at, I knew he'd have especial insight into these two.


Posted at 10/16/2007 13:59:09 by Michael Sampson

re: Nice try Michael!

Well, I'm glad the the two readers of this blog are enjoying themselves at my macless expense.

Posted at 10/17/2007 22:32:20 by Eric Mack

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