New Mind Mapping Survey On-Line

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
During the last year, web-based mind mapping applications have grown significantly in their level of functionality and popularity. To better understand how people are utilizing these tools and what their potential impact is likely to be, my friend, Chuck Frey, is conducting another mind mapping survey.

Chuck would like to find out how people are currently using mind mapping tools and what their impact is likely to be.

If you use mind mapping tools, I encourage you to participate in Chuck's survey. He's posted a brief 12-question survey on-line.

Some of the areas Chuck's promised to cover include:

Which tool offers the best functionality?
What features matter most to users?
What are the biggest benefits of web-based mind mapping tools?
What are the shortcomings of this emerging technology?
What is the future of this cool technology?

I should also mention that Chuck has a wealth of mind mapping information on-line over at the Mind Mapping Software Blog.

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New Mind Mapping Survey On-Line

Looks like MindManager, FreeMind, and a host of others don't appear as options on the required question "Which mind mapping software have you tried?"

Posted at 09/26/2007 14:39:59 by Robert

New Mind Mapping Survey On-Line

Robert, as Eric says, and as the survey is headed, it's about *web-based* mind mapping software. Freemind and MindManager have ways of showing mind maps on the web, but they're not web-based.


{ Link }

The master list of mind mapping &

information management software

Posted at 09/26/2007 21:33:29 by Vic

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