20071106 - KMWorld 2007, Day Two 042.JPGI'm at The Brain exhibit at KMWORLD and Harlan and Shelley are working the crowd, showing off Personal Brain Software and giving out... brains. Want to relieve stress? Squeeze your own brain.  Want to visualize content? Use Personal Brain or Brain EKP

The booth has been packed all evening, perhaps one of the most popular in the exhibit hall. People like the simple interface for visual mapping. 20071106 - KMWorld 2007, Day Two 040.JPG It was good to visit with Shelley and Harlan and to meet Matt, who has been helping me master BrainEKP.  Harlan promised me a bunch of new features in the next version of The Brain. !!! We also discussed how we might collaborate to use The Brain as a visualization tool for Lotus Notes. (We need to find a Notes App Dev familiar with JDBC, XML, agents, etc., to pull this off.)

I didn't bring home any brains from the exhibit. Already got one. (It's named abby normal.)

It's good to see The Brain at KM World - they are the only mind mapping tool present and the audience seems unable to get enough of the visualization The Brain offers.

Note: I've blogged about The Brain and posted some podcasts over at Notes on Productivity.

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Need a brain? Stop by The Brain Booth at KMWORLD

Hi Eric:

Thanks for reporting on The Brain from KM World. I have found The Brain to be a very exciting program and one that I have used in helping me put together workshops and building Site Brains as part of my presentations. You can find some articles that I have written about The Brain on my blog. Thanks for covering this unique program at KM World- it looked like an awesome conference!



Posted at 11/12/2007 7:18:35 by Brian Friedlander

Need a brain? Stop by The Brain Booth at KMWORLD

Exciting! I'd love to talk to you - when the conf is over and you have a bit of time...

You've got mail! ;)

Posted at 11/17/2007 6:30:48 by Michael Baas

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