We finished early today, so our host, Jeanne Holm is moderating an impromptu Q&A session. I'll blog this, live.

Jeanne has turned off to the digital projector and she's now walking to the front of the lecture hall. An aide has just wheeled an interesting looking device onto the stage and handed Jeanne a white stick. I think she's about to use an analog cognitive capture tool...

Jeanne Holm moderates the Q&A session at the end of day two, using an analog cognitive capture tool.

Yes, she's using the white stick to leave artifacts on a black surface.

I seem to remember seeing this type of knowledge capture tool in elementary school. She's almost filled up the black surface. I don't see a button for next page. I wonder what she will do. Wait! She's flipped the board over and is now writing on the back side. The problem is that I can't see the first side. Good thing I'm blogging this in real time. OK, She's asked Jason to use his laptop to capture the marks on the board - I think she called it a black board -- to share with others.

Topics discussed:

- Jeanne will set up a conference Wiki
- I will post Jeanne's library & links
- Useful to have a list of solutions being used for KM along with who is using it (and their contact info)
- Vendor evaluations and surveys
- Lessons learned in implementing

(The gentleman sitting behind me just tapped me on the shoulder to ask "what's that?" I whispered "Lotus Notes." I guess I whispered too softly because he responded "loaded nuts?" So, speaking a louder I said that I was using "Lotus Notes.")

- How to... 101 with references
- How to implement POPs
- Check on Monday for updated presentations
- Look into way to open the KM discussions at NASA to the broad community outside NASA
- Track chairs will capture key things that came up during the talk and will post on the Wiki - check back in a few days. (Or check Eric's blog, under Knowledge Management.)

Things we'd like to see more of:
- More demonstration of systems used
- Network of people to call
- Oh, no, she just picked up an object made of felt, wiped it across the board, and made all the words disappear from the slate.

- Social relations and networks
- Usable Knowledge
- Usability is important; how to present knowledge in a way folks will use. A web site may be usable but is it useful.
- We need to develop the readiness of the adult learner so that they can participate, function, and contribute to the knowledge work of the organization.
- Tracks based on areas of expertise
- Sessions on practical sessions
- Would like to hear more from our international partners
- I suggested that we do longer case study sessions. (e.g. PWR could be a 4 hour presentation)
- Gentleman from European Space Agency ESA (I think) is sharing about their KM projects.
- Jeanne will post link to a paper on "how do you manage knowledge on an international project over long-term missions?"
- Need to address the intellectual property issues in Knowledge Management, a potential minefield. How to we protect the common interest as well as acknowledge the source?
- It would be great to have a listing of who's who and what programs they have worked on (e.g. Shuttle, ISS, Voyager, etc.) Jeanne suggedted perhaps using LinkedIn for now.
- Marybeth will explore using Camtasia to capture future sessions
- Aerospace corp was notably absent
- Knowledge sharing vs mistake sharing - people are reluctant to share failures/mistakes; even harder is sharing observed mistakes. Would your organization allow you to publish a paper "Mistakes made at XYZ Corp and the lessons learned."? Perhaps we could have an anonymous forum to share lessons learned. Some discussion about a peer-to-peer venue for knowledge sharing.
- A good point: instead of asking people to share failures, ask "If you were in a peer review, what question do you wish had been asked that could have helped prevent the problems encountered?" (See technical questions database)
- Future topic ideas: Cognitive sciences, Human interface organization behavior, both business and social frameworks to reinforce foundations of why we do all the other stuff.
- Recommednation for a different seating arrangement.
- Birds of a feather sessions

NASA KM hosts an open KM community (Find out the URL)
Visit the KM.NASA.GOV web site for updated links (which Jeanne will stay up all night to post.)

OK, I had a little fun at Jeanne's expense but that's not really fair. She's doing the right thing - putting people before the technology. A digital whiteboard would not have added any value to the great discussion that's just taken place. I think Jeanne and her team have done an OUTSTANDING job putting together this conference. I'm delighted to be able to attend and I hope that by my blogging this conference I was able to help capture the knowledge shared here so that others can comment and reuse it. That's what knowledge management's all about.

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NASA KM Conf. Day Two. End of day discussion

Not at all! This is a chalkboard!

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Oh, is that what it is. Haven't seen one of those since the last century. Not sure if my children, who are homeschooled, have ever seen one. Perhaps in a museum. ;-)

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