My ICA "Think Station" revealed

Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
I can usually be creative and productive most anywhere, but I'm really creative and productive when I'm at the center of my own information cockpit -- a 10' x 10' corner of my office where,over the years, I have built my dream workspace. Here, I have assembled a collection of thinking gear, tools and technologies, to support me as I work on projects.

Image:My ICA "Think Station" revealed

For the past week, I've been on the road, working with clients, feeling a little constrained without some of my favorite gear. In the evenings at the hotel, I've been thinking about how I will continue to update and enhance my mobile office kit for maximum productivity on the road. As part of this effort, I've been writing about my workspace in order to get clear on what has worked well for me and why.

Inspired by the concept of the IBM ThinkPad in front of me, I thought it might be fun to share a little about my "ICA Think Station" - the gear, tools, and technologies that I've enjoyed using over the years.  

ICA is the name of my company, but it represents much more than that. ICA stands for Information, Communication, Action - three areas of focus that are part of the way that I approach my work. From the Grahl chair at the center of the cockpit, I can effortlessly swivel to access the various tools and technologies that support me in collecting, storing and accessing the information that I use daily to make decisions, communicate with clients and colleagues around the world, and track my projects and actions.

Sound interesting?

For a long time I've been planning to launch my eProductivity.Net blog to share this kind of information. However, each time I plan do so, new and exciting opportunities show up and I end up rescheduling the launch. I hope to finally get around to posting some of these mini-essays on the blog so I can throw the switch and go live. I'd love to know what you think.

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