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I know that many people are reading this blog to learn of my experience with the M4. I'm making progress adjusting to the M4. I'm enjoying it; in fact, this is my first blog entry from the M4. (Sorry, not in ink, yet.) I plan to keep the M4, but I've decided to return the ToshibaTecra M4  Portfolio case. It's a beautiful case, made from glove leather. It's a very clever 3-in-one design for use in three modes; however, it does not work. I'm short on time to write this up in detail, so instead, I'll share my recent correspondence with ToshibaDirect:
Dear Nicole,

Just a quick FYI:  I'm enjoying my new Tecra M4. Thank you for your help in getting it to me so quickly!

I just contacted Toshiba Customer Service got an RMA for the Toshiba M4 Portfolio case.

I want you to know that the reason I'm returning the case is that it is defective and poorly designed. The elastic straps block the vents, which cause the  Tablet PC to overheat. The "Made in China" label is in the worst possible place; it gets caught in the DVD every time I close it. I'm afraid that to continue to use the Toshiba Portfolio case with my M4 would damage the unit.  [Additional observation, post-email: the zipper extends high enough to interfere with laptop use.]

What really hurts is that I paid FedEx to have this case shipped to me. It arrived with these problems, and now I have to pay -- my dime - to return it and hope that I will get credit. I should not have to pay twice (or at all) for an unacceptable product that I am returning to you. It does not seem fair.

I do hope that you will forward this summary of my product experience to management.  I will certainly share it with a few people that I know.

Thank you,
Eric Mack

I received this response

I'm glad you are enjoying the notebook.  I emailed you an on line fed ex label to use to return the portfolio that way there will be no charge to you.  Thank you.

To which I responded ...
Thank you for the FedEx tag. Too bad I have to pay the other way. It's a matter of principle with me. It's not about the $15 in rush shipping. I purchased the Portfolio in good faith. The product does not work The inconvenience is bad enough. But having to pay to find that out hurts. Ouch! Live and learn I guess. I suppose that's the best I'll get from ToshibaDirect.

Meanwhile, I need another AC adapter for the M4.  (I don't need AC/DC)  Please let me know price and availability of such an item.


There you have it.

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