MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Monday, September 11th, 2006
I've just moved MindManager onto my list of deproductivity tools. I hope it won't stay there long - MindManager is one of my favorite productivity tools for getting things done and I've blogged extensively about how I use MindManager. For the past several months, however, several of my clients and I have been dealing with a problem that has become a big headache: excessive CPU utilization by MindManager. It's not uncommon for me to find that my CPU slows to a crawl. Opening Task Manager reveals that MindManager is hogging my CPU, effectively rendering my system useless. The problem appears to be worse in some maps than others, but it has been challenging to pin down. What I know for certain is that one of my favorite programs is losing its productive advantage. Apparently, I'm not alone...


I wonder how many MindManager users simply accept this?

I've decided to blog about the problem, not as a threat or to divide the MindManager community, but in the hopes that the MindManager community might pool its resources to encourage (and help) MindJet improve the product we use and care about. If this blog has any clout at all, I want to use it to raise awareness inside and out of MindJet about how to help make MindManager, one of my favorite productivity tools, even better.

As I searched for a solution to this problem on the various MindManager forums and the Yahoo MindJet user group I quickly realized that several others are having this problem, too. Some users have proposed creative solutions - few of which have made any positive impact for me or my clients that use MindManager. I've even spoken with Mindjet evangelist, Hobie Swan a few times about this and he's assured me that MindJet support is aware of the complaint by "some" users but that the solution was elusive. (Just how many "some" is, I do not know. I suspect that part of the reason this has not been fixed already is that they may perceive "some" to be a very small number. Hopefully this blog post will help those affected by this issue to speak up.)

In April, I decided to mind map David Allen's entire RoadMap presentation on my Tablet PC in ink mode. (I even built an extended battery for the mind map process.) For the most part, the ink-capture process worked well and I was able to live with the high-cpu issue because MindManager was the only application open. Once I saved the map, however, I could not reopen it without my CPU utilization jumping to 100%. I have no idea how many productivity ideas are locked in the maps I drew in MindManager that day. I don't plan to show off pen mode until I can find a way to open my maps again.

MindJet and its customers can work together.

MindJet has already demonstrated that they do listen to their customers though they may not be quick to respond. I know this personally. I lead a year-long campaign to get MindManager to implement Lotus Notes doclinks in MindManager. It took almost a year to get the attention of the right people inside of MindJet. In the end MindJet delivered and we now have a powerful tool to offer to corporate clients that use Lotus Notes and MindManager. Unfortunately, I cannot wait a year for a solution for the CPU utilization problem. Neither, I suspect will "some" of the people affected by the high CPU utilization problem.

I know that many MindManager users read my blog and that many of those users started using MindManager as a result of reading my blog. I feel a certain responsibility to the MindJet community to help improve the quality of a product that I enjoy and recommend frequently.

My proposed solution in two parts:

More than one unhappy user has posted in the various forums about their problems with high CPU utilization in MindManager. I've yet to see much discussion from MindJet, just unhappy users. Seems like a missed opportunity here. (To me, 30% CPU utilization at idle is unacceptable. 1% is. Look at my screen shot - I often see 80-100% CPU utilization at idle.) Acknowledge the problem publicly, tell us what you are doing to resolve the problem and, if needed,  tell us, your loyal customers, how we can help. Engage in conversation. I'm not looking for a press release or a tech note, but an open and honest discussion: "We feel your pain, here's what we know and here's what we commit to do to fix it. Here's how you, our loyal customers, can know we are sincere..."

MindManager users: BE PERSISTENT.
I've read the posts in the forums asking for help and I've seen several generous individual s attempt to offer solutions. This is what a web "community" is all about. Let's kick things up a notch and use our blogs to increase awareness and attention on the features and issues that we, as customers would like to see. Ultimately, the blogoshpere is probably not the place to resolve bugs from a technical standpoint, but it may be a good springboard to increase awareness until someone emerges to take ownership of the problem.

I suspect that this blog will be circulated widely. If you've experienced the CPU utilization issue I hope that you will make a post here on my blog to help MindJet know.

So, do I plan to dump MindManager as a productivity tool?

Not if they can find a fix for this problem. In fact, I'll become an even more loyal supporter as a result.

Let's see if MindJet listens.

I expect they will.

[BTW: I did not do this in a vacuum; I recently let Hobie know that I would be covering this subject on my blog. A fellow productivity blogger himself, Hobie encouraged me and thanked me for my help raising the awareness of MindManager as a productivity tool. He assured me that if I blogged about this issue, he would see to it that others inside the company would read it. I hope you will add your comments and spread the word. I think MindManager is an awesome tool and I want to see it improve.]

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MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Eric, I'm not seeing this problem on my installation.

Oh that's right, you're still stuck on Windoze!



Posted at 09/11/2006 18:35:10 by Michael Sampson

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Sometimes, the problem can be something as simple (and crazy) as this:

{ Link }

Related to that article, it would be interesting to know if it only happens on single-processor machines.

Posted at 09/11/2006 18:52:21 by Julian Robichaux

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Hi Eric,

I'm not having this problem at all on my tablet (Fujitsu T4010), but I'll try some experiments and keep an eye on things. Currently, I have Notes and Domino Designer running, IE is open to your blog and MindManager is idling at about 5% CPU. Even when actively engaged in a MindManager map in pen mode, I'm only hitting spikes of about 60% utilization.

Good luck...If I run across anything that might help, I'll pass it your way.

Posted at 09/11/2006 19:06:14 by Chris Blatnick

re: MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Thanks, Julian. I'll pass this along to the MindJet folks if I hear from them. The link mentions the value of a Core duo 2 processor. I've been thinking seriously about getting one anyway. Perhaps I now have an excuse. :-)

Posted at 09/11/2006 19:06:17 by Eric Mack

re: MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Thanks, Chris. This problem has been hard to isolate, which is why I played with it for many months before blogging. The problem does not always happen, but when it does, it is always MindManager that is at 100% CPU utilization - at least on my computer. I've since tried this on other client computers and seen similar, though less dramatic, results.

Posted at 09/11/2006 19:07:50 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool


Thanks for blogging about this. You [and other customers and loyal users] have been really good about keeping on us about MindManager issues you think merit more attention than we have given them.

I will indeed raise this issue as soon as possible with our management and see if we can straighten it out. As can be seen from the comments you've already gotten, this problem is elusive: Not all users get it on all machines. We'll need input from people like you to help us address and correct it.

Thanks again for your always-well-considered thoughts. We will put the wheels in motion to address this--and will try to do so transparently!

Hobie Swan


Posted at 09/11/2006 20:45:13 by Hobie Swan

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Thanks, Hobie, I look forward to hearing from you and your team and I look forward to helping the MindJet team add value to an amazing product!

Here's to a very short life for MindManager on my deproductivity list!


Posted at 09/11/2006 23:17:50 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Eric - I don't see this myself, and I use MindManager intensively every day. Evidently there is some basic difference between my configuration and that of users who are affected. We do hear of this issue more than most, because ResultsManager pushes MindManager to its limits, and this is at different levels on different systems. Personally, I don't use any Add-ins that listen regularly to map-editing events, as these can be a source of additional processing. I will send you the list of things that we know affect MindManager performance. I'd be glad to answer any questions about my configuration if it would help identify the difference between systems that work OK that those that don't.

Best regards

Nick Duffill

Posted at 09/12/2006 1:02:16 by Nick Duffill

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool


Thank you for higlighting this issue. It has affected me for a couple of years now. X5 had the same problem and as many user remind me it was not the case with 2002. Unlike some of them I don't want to go back, I want to go forward quickly.

This issue is restraint on what I do which is teach other people how to use MindManager. "Sorry class take a break MindManager is having one of its moments" leaves me in ludicrous position. Sorry could you stop the concert, seminar or any other event I am recording in MindManager whilst MindManager catches up!

You are correct none of the tweaks resolves the problem. Some people are turning off spell check and auto save because they believe this helps. I need both these functions to be on.

Smaller maps, have less maps open, don't use ink - I am losing the will to live.

I have made sure .Net is up to date, I have gone back to HP's nVidia driver for my TC1100 with no tweaks. I have another TC1100 as a standby, it has the same problem. Perhaps Mindjet would like to exchange it for 2 weeks to find out what the issues are.

I can't sell this product when I can't rely on it. I tell my classes, don't worry at some point during today I will be able to demonstrate the autorecovery function live!

A client wants me to help integrate MindManager functionality in to a global business web site but his CPU is running at 99% with MindManager running and this is a recent build desktop.

"Everything I do, I do with MindManager but its getting slower all the time" - Does not make for a good first line in a song!


Mindjet Certified Trainer

(I know what some of my pals would say at this point)

Posted at 09/12/2006 1:10:06 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I have exactly the same problem. When I first installed MM Pro 6, it worked perfectly well. I was finding it to be a fantastic productivity tool for keeping the multiplicity of things I am Working on in some accessible order. But now, I am finding that it has become a barrier to efficiency because it has slowed my computer to a crawl. I have to shut down MM before and use the ALT. CTL Delete buttons to shut it down before I can get back into my Outlook again.

Tried turning of auto save and spell checker, but to no avail.

OH WOE IS ME..... Are they going to do something about this....

Please. It such a useful application - when it works...

Posted at 09/12/2006 1:57:45 by Michael Birley

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

To get this fixed you'll need to work with MindJet. Basically one or more threads (the things that do the work in a Windows process) have gone haywire (stuck in some type of loop). MindJet will struggle to fix this without a repro, so the best thing you could do is to capture a memory dump of the mindmanger.exe process the next time the problem occurs and send it to MindJet for analysis. They will (should) have the debug symbols for their application which their developers can use alongside your memory dump to look at the thread stacks and identify what is happening. I'm more than happy to help here with how to do this if required.

Posted at 09/12/2006 4:24:25 by Simon Rapier

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I've encountered this problem myself and found a solution to it. I've installed the freeware program Process Tamer ({ Link } ) on my Tablet. Give it a try, it appears to be a good solution for any program that hogs the CPU.

Michael Connick

Posted at 09/12/2006 6:24:08 by Michael Connick

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool


Thank you for a useful workaround. Just started using it and will report back.

Posted at 09/12/2006 8:59:11 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

A Tablet PC observation: When I run the ink to text convertor MindManager uses 1% of CPU during the 5 minute process to go through each topic in turn.

Posted at 09/12/2006 11:14:43 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Good feedback, Andrew. Hopefully, we can collect enough feedback from affected users to find a solution.

Posted at 09/12/2006 12:25:19 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I have not noticed the CPU using, but the battery runs extremely fast when MM is on. Now I just avoid using MM if there is no plug nearby.

Posted at 09/12/2006 13:45:26 by Wendy

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Hi, I generally don't have a problem with this even with my larger maps. I use Windows XP and am using IE 7 Beta. I have noticed however this effect when I have uninstalled and reinstalled any programs like Microsoft Word to which Mindmanager exports to. I will find Mindmanager to become with time slow opening and the usage rates go up (never as high as yours). Ultimately, I will uninstall and reinstall Mindmanger to cure the problem. It seems like I have to do this about every six months, but I figure this is due to the many different programs I try out.



Posted at 09/12/2006 18:58:58 by James Schilling

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Thanks, Jim. It's worth a try. I used to think that this was a Tablet PC specific or Eric Mack specifci problem (I;ve had other Tablet issues) but when I started to see this problem show up on clients laptops I realized it was not just me. :-)

It's a reasonable theory

I'll experiment.

Posted at 09/12/2006 19:02:27 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I used to reinstall MindManager every time my system crashed with MindManager in pen mode because the pen toolbars would remain on screen in mouse mode. This did not get rid of my CPU usage problem.

Not all crashes were MindManager related and I have since discovered you can drag the pen tool bars in to a floating position and then delete them.

Posted at 09/12/2006 23:53:42 by Andrew Wilcox

Additional MindManager Discussion Posted

[Posted with permission, from an email chat]

Hi Eric,

I am not seeing the problem on my laptop. Mind uses between 2% and 5%. Is

this a Tablet PC only problem?




Chuck, I originally thought it was Tablet PC specific. In fact, I thought

it was Eric Mack specific - which is why I did not blog about it sooner.

However, I've since deployed MM on many computers and have encountered the

same problem.

It may be a software conflict, but since I (and others) now see this on

several different systems, I am uncertain.

Perhaps MindManager is incompatible with Windows XP ;-)



Hi Eric,

At times, my system seems to freeze for 20-30 seconds, but by the time I

look I do not see MindManager taking up a lot of cycles. It also does not

seem to correlate to which maps are loaded or which maps I have just used.

I will keep my eye on it to see if I can see a pattern.




This is great feedback. May I have your permission to post this thread on

my blog with your name?



Hi Eric,

I tend not to post my opinions and information, but if you think it is

useful, please feel free to post it.



Chuck, I think you have some good points. I won't post anything without your



HI Eric,

You have my consent for the latest information that I sent you and the

following. I am running XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2 on a

laptop with 1.6 GHz processor and 1.24 MB of RAM.

I will let you know if I see a pattern.



Posted at 09/14/2006 0:12:14 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I am using Process Tamer to rein Mindjet MindManager in when it takes excessive amount of CPU, so the rest of my system can continue to work. Like now I can write a blog and download my email with no loading (average >1%) of the CPU by either Firefox or Outlook or AVG my virus scanner. Thank you for the tip Michael. { Link }

I currently have no maps loaded in Mindjet MindManager and it is using 18% CPU time on average! I have exited from some add ins that interact with Mindjet MindManager which appear in the process list: Click for Yes, JVCGantt update, MindManager Reminder Service and GyroQ. It still uses 18% of CPU with no maps loaded.

I could try stopping TabletPC processes or uninstalling my nVidia graphics drivers next.

Installing the latest version of Internet Explorer 7 - 5700.6 made no difference and I am running 6 Pro - 6.1.869.

One of my products is mapping and publishing events in near real time. The current situation with MindManager makes this an even tougher challenge. "Stop the conference, MindManager is having a senior moment....... It's back, please continue" does not do much for ones nerves.

Posted at 09/15/2006 0:32:38 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I'd suggest testing with the tools available in the Windows Performance Monitor rather than just the Performance tab of the Task Manager.

You can enter "perfmon" (without the quotes) into the Run box (accessed from the Start menu) to open the Performance Monitor.

The monitor will allow you to check a number of processor, disk and memory related measures beyond just CPU utilization. You might check and see what's going on with the processor and memory queue times, for instance, how much the paging file is being used, etc.

PERFMON is one of those great tools that's lurking on every system, but rarely sees the light of day.

Posted at 09/15/2006 12:42:48 by Daniel Fonda

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I should add that you right click in the list of tracked values for a contextual menu that allows you to add/remove additional counters for more values.

Check out the add dialog to see how many different things PERFMON can track.

Posted at 09/15/2006 12:44:49 by Daniel Fonda

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Thanks Daniel

When I have found the values which best represent the adverse affect MindManager has on my PC I will post some images of the graphs.

Posted at 09/16/2006 15:38:47 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Yes, coming to think of it, anytime I have had Mindmanager up and running, it does push my CPU utilisation up and down, and battery life is down.

No, I don't use a Dual-core CPU.

Posted at 09/25/2006 13:06:59 by ashok baktha

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Yesterday at Winchester Ecademy where I was presenting my ideas for Cabre's latest product which of courses uses MindManager you extensively : Event Recording and Instant Publishing on the Web. One of my friends said "I installed your MindManager trial on my desktop PC but it took up too much CPU time. So I installed it on my brand new laptop and had the same problem. Sorry Andrew I have uninstalled MindManager".

Inside I cried!

We do have Mindjet's attention. Here is Richard Barber's, VP of Engineering at Mindjet, { Link } blog on the matter

Posted at 09/28/2006 1:37:12 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I have just emailed Mindjet support with this information:

I have been running perfmon and observing what happens to MindManager CPU load.

Two things cause the most significant change in CPU load:

Mouse Over and enabling the Presenter Add-In.

Following the blue line in the graph, the first peak to 80-90% is when I move the mouse over the MindManager window. No clicking no activity just moving the mouse.

When I stop the CPU load drops to 10%. Outlook has a quiescent load of less than 5%.

The ups and down that follow are during the enabling of the Presenter Add-In and then the quiescent state of MindManager stays at around the 30% mark. 3 times the previous level!

The graph can be seen by clicking this link:

{ Link }

I hope this helps in your quest to resolve this big issue.


To use perfmon and see what your system is up to.

Click Start > Run  and enter perfmon in the box

Right click the list of  Counters > Add counter

Change Performance object to  Process

Select % Processor time in left hand box and MindManager in right hand box.

The Presenter Add-In has nothing to do with Presentation mode. It allows editing activity on a map to be replayed with voice and video from the person doing the editing. For this and many other useful Add-Ins go to <a href="{ Link } Labs</a>.

I did not find CPU overload problems with other Mindjet Labs Add-Ins.

Posted at 09/30/2006 10:02:04 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Thank you--I had installed several new applications this past week (Office Beta 2007, OneNote 2007 beta, and Mindmanager Pro v6), and noticed my (Dell 810 with 2 GB memory) start acting very sluggish. I usually blame Matlab for being the resource hog and not playing well with others, but your blog pointed out the likely culprit.

Too bad--I'd like to have Mindmanager open most of the time so I can use it as I am doing the project.

Posted at 09/30/2006 18:49:45 by Harley H. Cudney

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I have downloaded and installed 'Process Tamer' - it seems to have done the trick. Thank you Michael and Andrew

Posted at 10/07/2006 4:52:36 by Michael Birley

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Some progress for me. I downloaded the latest driver from Wacom for the pen and tablet PC versions:

Driver 4.97-6 For Windows 2000, XP & XP x64

{ Link }

This appears to have reduced quiescent state CPU usage down to less than 10% for MindManager. As soon as I mouse over the MindManager window CPU usage increase to 80-90%.

Posted at 10/08/2006 15:31:24 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Thanks for posting, andrew and Michael. I took a look at the Wacom driver and these appear to be hard-ware specific. I believe there's a Wacom digitizer in my Tecra M400; if so, it's not on the list for the driver.

Have you done this successfully on your Tablet PC?

Posted at 10/10/2006 10:33:13 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Yess ! I have been looking for this information for month. I use mindmanager as my favorite tool. I sort of slowly gave up to to my PC lagging more and more. I will follow up this very good blog and mindjet for solutions.

Posted at 11/02/2006 7:52:31 by Phil Verwaerde

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool


My hard drive failed so I rebuilt my system from scratch. HP TC1100 with Windows XP SP2. I installed MindManager after all the XP updates were completed, the TCll00 updates from HP, the Wacom driver, IE7 and MS Office 2003. No change to the problem with MindManager 15% CPU in any ground and a mousover sends the CPU to 85% - Not much good when you use a lot of ink!

The Wacom driver is for any TabletPC

{ Link }

Seems to be a newer one on European site which I am using.

{ Link }

It allows you to program the pen button to be Ctrl. Enabling a multiple select by tapping objects.

Posted at 11/07/2006 3:43:55 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I'm on a mac and don't get the CPU overload, but MM runs extremely slow when I create about 50 nodes or more. Even if all the nodes are collapsed, just draging the main node around is super slugish. MM quickly becomes a completely useless tool very quicly, because the things I do require 50 nodes at minimum. There are several applications I could use that can render this stuff without problems (Illustrator, Flash, InDesign), but the nice thing about MM is that you don't have to spend time manually creating and nudging things around.

Posted at 03/04/2007 10:07:19 by Adam Glazier

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool


There is no change in Vista on a TC1100. Exactly the same problem.

Also I have just installed MindManager SP2 on an Acer 310 Tablet PC running XP SP2 and its exactly the same problem.

What are Mindjet doing about this I wonder!

Posted at 03/30/2007 9:10:56 by Andrew Wilcox

re: MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

No idea, Andrew. Things have been quiet from Mindjet., I'm beginning to think that this may be a complex issue of software - not just MindManager.

Posted at 04/03/2007 0:28:18 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I only encounter this problem with MindManager and I use a wide range of other software most of it not from Microsoft.

I suspect someone has not read the manual (I don't blame them) or someone has tried to be too clever. I think Mindjet are at the centre of this and whether its a software or hardware they need to get together with Microsoft, NVidia and Wacom and other relevant parties.

This is severely undermining what I can do in MindManager and what I can recommend others do with it. You can't say this is a great application in one hand, then tie the other hand behind the back of your neck and say I really enjoy the pain it gives me as well.

Posted at 04/03/2007 2:26:53 by Andrew Wilcox

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I gave up on Mind Manager and now use NovaMind - much better program all around - far nicer Mind Maps, great feature set etc.

See { Link } for more info.

Posted at 04/05/2007 6:20:26 by James

re: MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Thanks, James, I'll add it to the list of software to review.

Posted at 04/05/2007 10:51:57 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool


This CPU usage is clearly annoying for a while after starting the MindMap application. I have tried to overcome that with the following trick:

Just after staring MindMap, I open Task Manager, select MindMap from the Processes list and Set Priority low for a while. Thereafter, I check my mails with a "working PC". After few minutes, I can Set Priority back to normal and continue also with MindMap in normal way. I really DOOO!! wait for an update so that I can stop doing this kind of tricks.

Posted at 04/25/2007 1:14:18 by Pekka Heinonen

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

I've dowloaded the free 21 day trial of MM 7 over the weekend and my laptop performance has been severely lagging today. I like the functionality of the maps but due to the negative impact on my personal productivity today, I don't think I'll be buying MM at the end of my trial period.

Posted at 12/03/2007 16:46:20 by Mary

Happens to me too

Hi Eric,

I've got the same issue. Searching for an answer is what led me to your blog.

It only started recently for me. I am not sure why.

When MM is minimised it's CPU usage fluctuates around 34 - 40%. It makes the rest of my system slow and stuttery/jumpy.

If I make it an active window it jumps down to a fairly constant 15% .

I note that if it is not an active window but is still there in the back ground (such as when I make Task Manager active in front of it) it might stay at around 15% (although not always). Then if I for instance bring firefox to the foreground with MM behind but not minimised it again jumps up to 34 - 40%. It's not an incomparability with FF because I have closed that and the behaviour is the same.

I have MM with just a blank new map in it. So the map itself is not the issue.

When I close that map and there is no map open, it drops to a constant 5% CPU.

It has rendered MM pretty much unusable for me. I normally have it running in the background so I can map things out I am working with etc. Can't do that now because typing in other programs results in text not appearing for many seconds as I type.

I have a notebook. Acer TM633, 1.7 Mhz Pentium 4. with 1GB ram.

I hope Mindjet sort this out soon. My favourite application is bahving badly!

Posted at 12/05/2007 2:31:03 by Jonathan

It don’t take much to get it misbehaving!

Have done some fruther tracking of this in PERFMON. Yep, it certain appears that just moving the mouse over the MM window (even when it's not the active window) causes CPU to jump up to nearly 100% and it stays there so long as I am moving the mouse over it).

Pity. I liked MM.

Posted at 12/05/2007 2:53:34 by Jonathan

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Once again I installed it, updated it to latest version (V5.2.344) and immediately removed it from my laptop (Dell C810, 1.13 GHZ, 512 MB, Win2000).

Simply moving the mouse on a map still eats up 99% cpu usage, letting the fans blow full power. I've never seen a software which behaves like this on this machine. I agree that it is a fine tool, but they should simply fix this bug...

Posted at 04/18/2008 5:38:17 by Juergen

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool


I recently updated from MM7 to MM8 and had the same problems with CPU usage and slow system.

I solved it by disabling "active animated scrolling" in MM options.

Perhaps this helps other too...

Posted at 02/18/2009 0:25:25 by Horst Krause

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

A personal observation that may shed some light - My problem with MM sluggishness appears related to project size. Small projects, while creating high CPU (50-60%)usage, are still quite snappy from a usability perspective. My problem began when a particular project grew to over a thousand entries. Although it uses the same high CPU as the smaller projects, it is much more sluggish on screen to perform simple tasks like adding and deleting items. i.e. 15 seconds to delete an item. Near useless now. Will have to try to break it up into smaller chapters, but not what I really need.

Posted at 03/30/2009 22:07:03 by David Haadsma

re: MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

My problems did not seem to matter how many elements. Simply opening a map with pen and a dozen nodes did it. I have not tested the latest MM8 on the tablet but will do so, soon.

Posted at 03/30/2009 23:15:00 by Eric Mack

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

MM 7 Impossibly slow for us as well...... wish there was a solution.

Posted at 08/04/2009 14:32:39 by j ahlin

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

Occurs with 3 different users on brand new HP Compaq Desktop PCs with Intel Core2 Duo 2.33 GHz, 2GB Ram running XP. But it also occurred on our 3 year old PCs as well.

Posted at 08/04/2009 14:41:10 by j ahlin

MindManager, my latest deproductivity tool

and disabling "active animated scrolling" in MM options (along with all of the other options listed) had no effect. Currently I just opened the file I work in most, 372KB. MM Pro is using 578MB memory just sitting there. VERY, VERY FRUSTRAITING.

Posted at 08/04/2009 14:55:21 by j ahlin

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