MindJet responds to heavy CPU issues

Monday, November 20th, 2006
Since I first posted my concern that some MindManager users, myself included, have had problems with high CPU utilization, several users have blogged or posted in public forums about similar experiences..

MindJet recently posted an update on this topic. If this problem affects you, I encourage you to keep in touch with MindJet.

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MindJet responds to heavy CPU issues

As a note to those interested, it seems to me that this problem may be related to the graphics card drivers and the way that MindManager polls the system for updates (or?).

Today, I found that when I enabled the Nvidia 6200 utilities that came with my Tecra M4, the CPU utilization in Mindmanager was very high. When I disabled this utility, I saw a drop in CPU utilization. I;ve not tested this enough to prove that this is indeed the problem or even related to it but I want to share my observations in my quest to resolve this issue.


Posted at 12/06/2006 15:46:16 by Eric Mack

MindJet responds to heavy CPU issues

The new MindManager 6 release SP2a also seems to help. See

{ Link }

Click here for the release notes

{ Link }

I have seen a discernable difference to my CPU % time usage when nothing is happening (4% at the moment but I have also seen 14%). CPU % time still rises to 80% on mouseover.

The amount of CPU % time used varies according to which add ins you have enabled (Tools > Add Ins). Tip: Disable those you don't use frequently. I have Project, PowerPoint and Visio turned off.

Also having a task pane open, raises the CPU time and this varies with the panes. So the Learning pane makes a small difference whilst Map Parts take CPU usage from 5 to 10%. Tip: Tools > Options > Close Task Panes - Set it to the minimum of 1 minute.

More real work as opposed to testing to be done later next week.

Posted at 12/23/2006 15:32:59 by Andrew Wilcox

MindJet responds to heavy CPU issues

Just curious about any final disposition on this. Do you consider the problem mostly solved now. I'm on a Mindmanager trial (v7), and have noticed this issue extensively (which is how I found your blog). This would be the chief deal-breaker for me.

I'm making high-quantity use of MS Outlook integration and that seems to be the chief culprit for me. A map with a lot of Outlook tasks and Excel spreadsheet range links causes CPU havoc . . .

Posted at 02/15/2008 13:20:23 by David Wright

MindJet responds to heavy CPU issues

BTW, I would have commented and Mindjet blog, but there comments sections were closed on CPI issue stuff.

Posted at 02/15/2008 13:21:08 by David Wright

MindJet responds to heavy CPU issues

Arrg: typos in previous

and Mindjet blog -> on Mindjet blog

there comments -> their comments


Posted at 02/15/2008 13:22:07 by David Wright

re: MindJet responds to heavy CPU issues

I think the problem has gotten a little better, though I must admit that the slowness and the MM7 UI changes have kept me from using MM7 as much as I would like. It remains one of my preferred program, though.

Posted at 02/15/2008 14:24:16 by Eric Mack

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