Mind Mapping for Results, Part One

Friday, June 23rd, 2006
Today, we begin the first in a series of podcasts in which Nick Duffill and I will discuss mapping for results. Today's discussion focuses on an overview of MindManager/ResultsManager, introduces my own personal mapping challenge for the summer, and describes the steps we will use to get there. (If you're using IE, you can view the embedded map, above; for non-IE users, I've provided a link to the map, below.)

Podcast notes:

Introduction to Nick Duffill, a man who's gone Beyond Crayons.
Mind Maps as a new form of communication
What is ResultsManager?

Dashboard summaries
Typical ResultsManager user profile
How do people share their maps? What's typical?
MindManager is the first tool I've found that does not get in the way

Getting started:
Run a pilot
Another way to get started: burn your bridges and don't look back!

Key issue: Converting your way of thinking to visual maps
Set up an action learning system - a knowledge Map about the process

Groovy Geek Diversion

We decide to use Groove to sync our maps
Grooving with MindManager - how to do it; issues
Lock Share extension for Mind Manager allows shaing maps with groove

Action learning: Best Practices can't be given; they must be learned

Move to where your maps help you focus on outcomes - it's about implementation
Getting started with maps as a way to represent outcomes

Four keys to mapping for results

1. Get the technology under control & think about outcomes rather than the tools
2. Set out the scope for how you will use maps
3. Know who the audience is - most important step
4. Have a consistent way to represent things, the building blocks of your maps

Homework & Next Actions: What's next? How I'll get started

1. Eric to get Nick my Groove account
2. Share the map while we record podcast?
3. A common knowledge map

Eric describes some of the larger projects on his plate this summer

1. Business plan & presentation to VCs
2. Annual staff meeting for a key client; many technology issues to address
3. Personal goals for the summer
4. Integration of MindManager and ResultsManager

ResultsManager works by itself - just leave it running overnight and it will do the rest

First assignment
: Eric to create a "lessons learned" or "best-practices" map:
1. List anything that would make me hesitate, even for a moment, using MindManager as a tool
2. Start making a list of the atomic units in my working area - a vocabulary of concepts and terminology
3. Identify the audience for my maps; what they will need to see

Closing comments

You can follow along, in stereo on Nick & Eric's blog...
Eric's blog:         http://www.EricMackOnline.com
Nick's blog:        http://www.duffill.com

It's shaping up to be a very busy summer, so I'm not sure how often I'll post on this, but I'll try to post something at least once or twice a week. If, after listening to the podcast, you have questions for me or for Nick, drop me a line.

Here's the map: 20060623-Mind_Mapping_for_Results,_Part_1.mmap

Podcast: 33:58 minutes (8 megabytes)

Discussion/Comments (3):

Mind Mapping for Results, Part One

Eric / Nick

Intersting start - when's the next one !


Posted at 07/07/2006 0:13:24 by Mat Sumpton

Mind Mapping for Results, Part One

Soon! Just wrapping up an awesome week of consulting with David Allen and Team. I'll be back to the bolg, soon.


Posted at 07/10/2006 1:02:43 by Eric Mack

Mind Mapping for Results, Part One

Great Start! Thanks! I am a "burn your bridges" user of Results Manager and I love the thought of following an expert like Mr. Mack though his journey!

Posted at 07/20/2006 12:38:49 by Joseph A. Amara

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