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Sunday, July 25th, 2004
I've just finished the second of two delightful and informative web-conference calls with Nick Duffill, of Gyronix. Nick and his associate have developed ResultManager -  a powerful add-in to MindManager, that allows it to be used as a visual project management tool. I must admit that I had initially looked at ResultManager as just a great collection support tool; however, after a brief tour with Nick, I'm convinced of its potential as a visual management tool for meetings and projects where many actions or delegated activities need to be tracked.

Image:Mind Mapping for Results

In short, the process of "Mind Mapping" will change the way that you brainstorm forever. Rather than writing down a linear list of ideas, you to collect ideas into a visual "Mind Map." Mind mapping, by the way,  is nothing new; Tony Buzan developed the concept of Mind Maps at a time when I was still using crayons to illustrate my ideas visually.

I've been using Mind Mapping as a brainstorming technique for many years; however, I have usually preferred to use colored pens and paper or a digital whiteboard to draw my maps. Most software tools that I have looked at were simply too slow or cumbersome for me to quickly collect my thoughts digitally. Of course, the appeal of being able to edit my maps digitally has kept me looking at new tools.

The MindManager software takes mind mapping to the next level  by allowing me to draw, edit, and manage my maps on my PC. Now, I can keep my mind maps in view on the wall in front of me while I keep my work visible on my laptop or an adjacent display. At the encouragement of Marc Orchant and Michael Hyatt, I might even finally consider a tablet!

Image:Mind Mapping for Results

Much has been written about the MindManager software lately so I won't attempt to rewrite what others have already said. Here's a quick 2003 write up from Innovation tools. I have also recently started a discussion in the GTD Forum on how MindManager might be used in the context of the GTD methodology. (I recall that Marc and Michael have both written on this topic as well; I'll post the links when I find them.)

For those of you who are already using MindManager and want to take digital mind mapping next level for project management, be sure to take a look at ResultManager. I've installed version 2.01 of ResultManager, which adds some powerful features for visual project management.

I'll have more to share about this in the near future as I am presently mapping out several very large project using both tools. I continue to be a student of tools and technologies for enhanced productivity. I'm excited about MindManager and ResultManager.

I welcome your comments and feedback.


PS. You can download 21 day evaluations of both products from the Gyronix web site.

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Re Mindmanager and Result Manager

Do you need Outlook to take advantage of what the tools have to offer? I suspect no as you are using Notes, Eric, but just want to confirm.



Posted at 07/26/2004 14:56:13 by Philip Balmer

re: Re Mindmanager and Result Manager

No, I am using MindManager and ResultManager stand-alone.

Posted at 07/26/2004 16:26:43 by Eric Mack

Display of work and mindmaps

Qs: How do you "show your mind maps in view on the wall while keeping yur work visible on your laptop or another display?"

Qs: Could I do this in an at-home office?

It looks like a great way to stay on track for a visual person.

If you described your equipment and setup before, great. I'd like to read about it -- just need to know where to look.


Posted at 08/02/2004 8:25:08 by Qeran

re: Display of work and mindmaps

I have not yet written up a "How I work" document, but it is on my Someday/Maybe list.

As far as multiple displays, if your laptop or desktop has a video adapter that supports multiple displays, all you have to do is enable the second display and draw your programs to it.

Do a Google search for "Multiple Monitor" and you should find lots of useful information.

My own setup is a bit more complex, but the concepts remain the same.

Best of success to you,


Posted at 08/02/2004 15:21:01 by Eric Mack

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