Michael Sampson arrives topside

Saturday, June 18th, 2005
Michael Sampson's just arrived in the United States from New Zealand. First stop: a visit to the Mack's and a day in the digital sandbox. We plan to record several podcasts and post some blogs about tablets, collaborative technology, OneNote, and MindMaps, so stay tuned. (It may take a while for me to get these up on the web; we've got a lot going on over the next 10 days.)  For one of the first podcasts, I've asked Amy & Wendy to join us to talk about their experiences with OneNote.

Here's a picture of the welcoming committee at LAX:


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Michael Sampson arrives topside

"Topside" got me thinking....aside from the fact that we of general European descent have ogranized our perceptions of the world around the concept that North is up, which direction in the cosmos really is "up" and which is not.

Just a thought, recognizing that the boxes we think in tend to limit our inquisitiveness and discoveries.

I'm looking forward to your blogs and podcasts on tablets, collaborative technologies, OneNote and MInd Maps. Always informative and mind expanding.


Posted at 6/19/2005 11:14:46 AM by Bob

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