Meteor Shower Tonight

Thursday, August 11th, 2005
In case you're still up, the best viewing of tonight's Perseids meteor shower is still to come.
Jason Womack's already posted the details from my e-mail to him, so I won't post them again. Check out Jason's site for details.

We are very fortunate to live below Mt. Pinos as we have one of the most remarkable views of the night sky. Each year, we are treated to an especially fantastic view of the Perseids and Leonids meteor shower.

A few years ago, the girls and I logged over 750 meteors in one hour! And those were the ones we could count!
It's been a busy week, with meetings, family health issues, product development, and management courses. I hope to upload some draft blog entries soon. Meanwhile, I'm sure that my friends, Jason and Michael will be happy to say anything I would say. :-)

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