On Memorial Day, 2005, I blogged about a memorial to one of our local fallen soldiers. (Link). Since that time, I've received a few emails from family and friends of  Brian to thank me. But it is us who should thank them. This year, I received an email from Darryl Petersen, along with some photos:
Brian Cody Prosser MemorialHi. I recently came upon a monument to Brian "Cody" Prosser while visiting Green Hills Memorial Park Cemetery in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.   Doing some internet research on him, I came across a web page you had made referring to him.  The discussion board showed it was closed so I thought I'd email this info for you, for your use and if you want to pass it on.  Here is the info from "The Prosser Monument" fact sheet available to visitors to the memorial. The photos are my own.

Memorial Inscription:
Brian "Cody" Prosser
Staff Sgt US Army
5Th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
July 17, 1973 -- Dec. 5, 2001

First soldier from California killed in Afghanistan

"This monument has been dedicated not only to the memory of this brave young warrior, but to the memory of all those who put themselves in harm's way to protect us all from the perpetrators of terrorism."
Memorial Day -- May 27, 2002


THE PROSSER MONUMENT, as it is referred to here at Green Hills Memorial Park, was inspired by a news story in December, 2001 that described Cody's death. Army Staff Sgt. Brian "Cody" Prosser was one of the first three war casualties, and thus the first soldier from California killed, in Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism begun after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001

Staff Sgt. Prosser is hailed by those who knew him best as a hero and dedicated serviceman. The Board of Directors of Green Hills Memorial Park sought and received permission from Cody's family to establish this monument in his memory. This monument also stands as a tribute to all Armed Forces men and women, public safety officers and all others who have served, currently serve and will in the future serve in the fight against terrorism.

In 2003, Brian Prosser, Cody's father, a veteran and a retired firefighter, died. At the wishes of his family, Brian's ashes are entombed in a space directly beneath the monument. Brian participated in the unveiling of this monument at the Green Hills Memorial Day event on Memorial Day 2002.

ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL is considered by many to by the "protector of the earth." He is the protection archangel for all people, and specifically, the patron of police officers and paratroopers. Holy Scripture describes St. Michael as the "leader of the forces of Heaven in their triumph over the powers of evil." Accordingly, he has been chosen by Green Hills Memorial Park to be a significant and appropriate part of its tribute to this country's heroes in the fight against terrorism.

Mr. Pietro Zegna, a renowned sculptor living in Milan, Italy, was commissioned by Green Hills Memorial Park to create an image of St. Michael in bronze. The statue was originally intended to be placed on top of the Prosser Monument and was expected to be about 4 feet tall. In a wonderful and enthusiastic effort to fulfill the vision portrayed to him by Ray Frew, President of Green Hills Memorial Park, Mr. Zegna employed artistic license and created the statue you now see.  As a result, a larger area was dedicated and the two monuments stand as dual parts of one tribute. At the dedication ceremony here on November 11, 2003, Mr. Zegna, who had traveled from Milan to be a part of the ceremony, stated, "If I had known at the time where this statue would sit in this beautiful Park, I would have made it twice as tall!"

Darryl included these photos with his email:
Prosser Memorial4 Prosser Memorial1Prosser Memorial2Prosser Memorial3

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Memorial Day Tribute, updated by a blog reader

it is a good idea that you have posted this info here.


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Memorial Day Tribute, updated by a blog reader


Thank you!


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