20070628-Shelley-and-HarlanTheBrain320.jpgI recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Harlan Hugh and Shelley Hayduk of The Brain Technologies at their offices in beautiful Marina Del Rey, California. Also joining me, was my colleague and KM expert, Steve Barth.
20061031-GTDOnTheBrain.gifPersonal Brain is an amazing tool for mapping your brain. You might even call it a true mind mapping tool. Listen to the podcast and you hear why I think so. I plan to make The Brain a key component to my personal knowledge management toolkit so I expect that I'll return to visit Shelly and Harlan again. If you have comments or questions, post away. I'm not sure that I can or will answer all of them but perhaps some of my other readers will.

I've just posted the first of a two-part interview with Harlan and Shelley over on my Notes on Productivity site.

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Meet Shelley & Harlan of The Brain Technologies

Is there a social sharing way to use the brain online to work colaboratively with a group on a project together? This would be great for teaching.

Posted at 07/01/2007 18:35:15 by Alison Saylor

No Social Sharing in The Brain other than Site Brains

Alison, at this time, there's no social sharing of The Brain beyond a one-way publishing of a brain to web, called a site brain. However, I've spoken with Harlan about this. I'm not at liberty to speak about what I know yet but I believe that there are exciting developments ahead.

Posted at 07/01/2007 23:49:22 by Eric Mack

Meet Shelley & Harlan of The Brain Technologies

Hi Alison,

You can share multiple Brains in our collaborative product, BrainEKP (Enterprise Knowledge Platform) However it does require a server to host.

BrainEKP is Web based. Each Thought in BrainEKP can have its own level of access control. You can give all users the ability to add content or limit authoring to a select group of users.

Posted at 07/02/2007 19:14:36 by Shelley Hayduk

Meet Shelley & Harlan of The Brain Technologies

Hi Erick and Shelley,

Let me first of all say that I just love TheBrain. It makes me smile!

I was wondering if anything has changed since Alison asked her question on 'online brain co-creation'?

Kind regards,


Posted at 07/11/2007 10:04:06 by Tom

Meet Shelley & Harlan of The Brain Technologies

Sorry, that had to be Eric, Shelley and Harlan. :-)

Posted at 07/11/2007 10:08:24 by Tom

Meet Shelley & Harlan of The Brain Technologies

Is Personal Brain 4 compatible, i.e., ccan it be installed and will it work on a U3 equipped flash drive? If so, is it possible to just copy my copy of it, that's on the C: drive of my computer. As well as the data for my brains which is on my external hard drive G?

Posted at 04/18/2008 15:21:12 by Robert Armstrong

Meet Shelley & Harlan of The Brain Technologies

Hi Robert,

Yes, you can install PeronalBrain on to a flash drive. It is not a U3 application, but it does work directly from a USB drive. Simply run the PB installer and select the USB drive as the installation location. You can then copy your brain data (the .brain file and _brain folder) to that drive also.

Posted at 04/22/2008 18:06:38 by Harlan (from TheBrain)

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