Mack Family Christmas Tree for 2006

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
Christmas at our home is a major event, not only spiritually but in the decorations we put up to celebrate the birth of Christ. Our main Christmas tree (yes, there's more than one) is in the living room and because we live in fire country and we like to leave our tree up for much of December and into January, we choose to use artificial tree. This short time-lapse video clip of the Mack ladies decorating the tree will give you an idea of how it all comes together.

Merry Christmas from the Mack Family!

Note: when this video was recorded the girls were getting ready for their final competition.  The big table in the foreground is our competition robotics practice field.

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Mack Family Christmas Tree for 2006

I loved doing thth dad!

Posted at 11/24/2009 14:27:52 by Doodle Bug

Mack Family Christmas Tree for 2006

Opps! Iloved doing THAT with you.

Posted at 11/24/2009 14:28:53 by Doodle Bug

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