At Lotusphere 2009, I co-moderated a Birds of a Feather session with David Allen. We hung out with a great group of people who all had a passion for getting things done and using Notes productively. The BOF was at a 7:00 AM slot on Tuesday morning, and I wasn't sure who, if anyone would actually show up that early. To my delight, we actually had a large number of people participate and it was fun to be able to engage in the kind of discussion that's not practical in a normal breakout session.

I decided to propose a similar BOF for LS10:
Birds of a Feather/Community of Interest Proposal:
Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes - Making Notes Personal

Session Abstract:

LOTUS KNOWS when tools become “personal,” productivity increases and when personal productivity increases, so does the productivity of the workgroup and the organization. This community of interest will explore ways to make using Lotus Notes more productive by making it “personal.” This interactive discussion will bring together expert and novice Lotus Notes users to share how they are using Notes for personal information and action management.

Why I think it is important that this session be included on this year’s Lotusphere agenda:

The business world has embraced David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology and many people have found (or would like to find) creative ways to implement GTD in the context of Lotus Notes to get more done. In addition, many people currently use (or would like to use) Lotus Notes for more than just e-mail, discussion and document libraries. They see the power of Notes as a tool not only for collaboration but for self-organization and personal action and knowledge management. This session will bring together others who share these same interests.

This topic was a big hit last year and we had a well attended session, even for a 7:00 AM BOF!  I believe that with Lotus’ recent push around productivity tools and the individual, a free-form BOF conversation about individual knowledge worker productivity will round out the Lotusphere agenda helping everyone, whether individual or manager, get the most from their Notes deployment.

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