Looking back on 2009; Looking Forward to 2010

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
2009 has been a whirlwind year for the Mack Family and for me personally and professionally. I took some time to reflect on a few of the accomplishments for this past year as well as some of the goals that I have for 2010:

LOOKING BACK: A few notable accomplishments for 2009

January, 2009

- We launched the commercial version of eProductivity at Lotusphere
- David Allan and I presented at Lotusphere on using Notes Productively
- Ian and I received honorable mention in the TeamStudio Spotlight Award
- Ryan and I launched the Inside eProductivity Blog

March 2009

- Attended the GTD Summit to present eProductivity; Amy & Wendy helped
- Moderated a Productivity Panel at the GTD Summit

- Earned my Master's Degree in Information and Knowledge Management
- My emphasis was on enabling high performance knowledge work

- Attended the National Knowledge Management Conference


- Kathy and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary for the 20th time
- Taught MGT 430 Technology for Business Decision Making


- Presented a workshop on High Performance Knowledge Work
- Moderated a panel on Personal KM and Social Networking


- Bloggers post over 75 blog posts about eProductivity
-  And one I am very proud of: People in over 900 organizations in 50 countries are using eProductivity to get things done with Lotus Notes.
- I read all the way through my 1-year Bible in only 366 days!

I'm grateful for the love of my wife and children and I'm thankful to be able to serve with an awesome team of professionals at ICA/eProductivity. I also grateful for the group of key business and personal advisors; godly men who have provided guidance and mentoring along the way.

LOOKING FORWARD: A few goals for 2010

Lord willing, there are several goals on my list for 2010. These include:
  • Launch of eProductivity 2.0, (based on Notes 8.5.1)
  • Presenter at Lotusphere 2010 on using Notes Productively
  • Introduction of eProductivity versions for mobile and cloud apps
  • I look forward to teaching for The Master's College again: MGT 430 Technology for Business Decision Making
  • Travel with my family
  • I hope to present a paper at the National KM Conference
  • I plan to present a workshop and main session on High Performance Knowledge Work at KMWORLD
  • I will be working on my book on High Performance Knowledge Work
  • Now that I'm done with school, and time-permitting, I hope to spend some time on my hobbies in robotics, CNC, mechanical music, and vintage computing

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