Monday, March 6th, 2006
I looked up this morning from my studies to see a very unhappy Channel 9 Guy, sitting all alone on my digital whiteboard.

20060306 - Channel9GuyisLonely.jpg

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Lonely Channel 9 Guy

I thought you had a tablet pc guy?

Posted at 03/06/2006 13:09:47 by Rob Bushway

Tablet PC Guy

I thought so, too. A few people wrote to tell me that they would send me one and that one was on the way. None have arrived yet.

They must be popular - perhaps they are getting hijacked along the way?

Posted at 03/07/2006 2:04:58 by Eric Mack

Channel 9 Guy is still lonely

Still, there he sits ... Channel 9 guy. All alone on the shelf.

Posted at 03/30/2006 7:09:16 by Eric Mack

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