Life on the bleeding edge ...

Friday, June 3rd, 2005
My clients know that I live on the bleeding edge of technology. Well, I've been bleeding all week ... I'm used to it. I get the wrinkles in technology ironed out, so that my clients never notice. Still, the process can be painful at times.

James Kendrick shared these words of encouragement this morning:
We who live on the edge, sometimes fall off.
- A very wise technology addict."
I continue to face challenges with the Tablet PC as I work to integrate my applications. (I'm still not YABHTU. Soon, I hope.)  Right now, the biggest challenge is the pen speed issue. It appears that this may be an issue with pen utilization in the Tablet OS. I hope not. Several readers have posted excellent tips. Thank you. I'm still hunting this down.

Meanwhile, the problems I've encountered do not stop me from seeing the potential benefits of the Tablet PC platform and the Tecra M4 Tablet PC. I've shared plenty of negatives lately; here's a list of some of the positives I've observed.

10 Things I like about the Tecra M4
  • Big Screen, High Resolution. I can view two pages side by side
  • Accupoint - reminds me of a ThinkPad
  • Best of Laptop and Tablet in a single device
  • Crosspoint for Navigation in Tablet mode - very helpful
  • DVD Multi-Burner with Dual Layer 8.5 read/write
  • Everything's built-in. No expansion cards needed. (EVDO extra)
  • Bootable SD Card. Great for ghost, & special apps
  • East to see indicator lights
  • It's great to have both a tablet and a laptop with me at all times
  • I like having enough power to run CPU intensive imaging apps

10 Things I'd like to see added to the Tecra M4
  • Instant Mute
  • Keyboard Light for Laptop mode
  • Functions keys that are easier to read
  • Power Management to power down and lock CD from a profile
  • Legs (fold out)
  • Softer TrackPoint with smoother scrolling
  • Wide Angle viewing
  • Fuel cell for 10 hour continuous use OK, I'll wait for that.
  • A really nice bump-case for tri-mode use
  • A set of vanilla recovery disks free of embedded spamware
Meanwhile, I'll continue to work on the Tecra - I hope to have a final eMack configuration soon.

Special guests coming to play in the digital sandbox today. Gotta run ...

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Life on the bleeding edge ...


For the mute thing and for powering down, check out Wizmo from Gibson Research. It's free and can do a lot of commands with one click.

{ Link }

It's also small and fast - written in assembler.

Posted at 6/4/2005 8:38:05 AM by Walter

Life on the bleeding edge ...

Hi Eric,

Try Fn-Esc on the M4. That key combination toggles between speaker on/off.

Posted at 7/5/2005 10:01:33 AM by Owen

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