KMWorld 2007 Conference in San Jose

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
Why KM is like a 12-step program (Andy Moore)
  • Admit you have a problem - a knowledge management problem
  • You have to attend the meetings - where you share information with people in the same boat as you.
  • You have to atone for your past discretion - Blogs, Wikis, Collaborative tools DO have a place

Next up, Jane Dysart, KMWorld conference organizer, welcomes us to this morning's Keynote and the conference in general. There are a large number of first time attendees to the conference - a measure of the growth in awareness for the need for organizational KM.

Tribute to Melissie Rumizen
This year saw the passing of a well-respected and well-loved KM professional, Melissie Rumizen. This morning, before the keynote, Verna Allee, Steve Barth, David Snowden gathered to honor Melissie Rumizen, a KM Pioneer, Author, and respected KM Practitioner. I have Melissie's book and even my KM professors refer to quotes in it. I'm sorry I did not have the opportunity to meet Melissie.

Microsoft is sponsoring the Exhibit hall. Where is IBM? (I see many software tools to support KM, where is Lotus Notes.)

Now, it's on to the Keynote...

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