KM 2.0 in Action

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Os Benamram, of Morrison & Forrester, LLP, presenting on how their firm has implemented KM to support their legal staff and teams as they serve clients. I walked in a few minutes late, sorry.

Update: My key take away is that the design philosophy is that the system should provide information that is immediately actionable. -- Supports my case for personal KM.

Web 2.0 - What works well:

Content - user generated "many-to-many" blogs (YouTube)
Context  - User defined "social tagging" & folksonomies (



User Focused



Actionable Information
Improving work quality and efficiency        
Creating Community

Challenges 2.0

Many (more systems) to search
- one simple search box - integrating all systems
- Workflows to notify users of actionable information

Much (more) information in each system
- Powerful full-text search with strong relevancy ranking
- zoom in by relevant features "like people think" (meta-metadata)
- track user behavior to determine personalized relevancy (usage)

(Sorry, slides moving very fast, but there is apparently a live demo at Slides are worth getting.)

Demonstrated their search portal

WHAT                WHO                WHO
Documents        Personnel         Contacts        Matters

Added metadata to enhance enterprise search by entity extraction: entities, events, roles, concepts, governing law, etc.

They are using autoprofiling and entity extraction to populate metadata - people do not have to do it.

This is a very impressive demo - their enterprise search is really one big mashup. Very well done. Gives me lots of ideas.

The system analyzes e-mail traffic to create internal relationship discovery, whish is used as a part of the search system to provide connections context -- information is immediately actionable. For me, this was an amazing demo.

KM 2.0

The goal is the same

- provide actionable information

The challenge is intensified

- information overload

The tools improved

- automate and integrate to provide context

The bar is higher

- user's expectations are greater

This is all great, but... how do we get there?

Is there a way to reach the promised land? Answer the WIIFM question.

Find the motivators. E.g. Risk Management, Marketing, Professional Development (evaluations)

       Better leverage of knowledge across the organization.


        Client Service

       Risk Management
       Arguably higher quality work product; not reinventing the wheel. Understand context for new work product, relationships

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KM 2.0 in Action

I'm not impressed. This is not much different from the kind of search and navigation companies like FAST and Inxight have been offering for years... Inxight notable because of their coverage of a large number of entities extracted and languages covered. FAST notable because they do this also for rather huge bodies of information in a very performant fashion.

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