Kelly’s first fish

Monday, May 18th, 2009
I spend far too much time in my office. Fortunately, I only have to step outside to enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Yesterday, I took the girls fishing at the lake down the street. Within minutes, Kelly had caught her first fish, an 11" Bass.  A wonderful day and a delight to see the smile on my daughter's face when she proudly displayed her catch!

Kelly catches her first fish at Fern's Lake, in Pine Mountain Club, CA

We did see 24" Catfish swimming around, but it was not the least bit interested in our measly worm. Perhaps another day...

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Kelly’s first fish

Eric, don't you just dive in and wait for the big ones to chomp down on your hand and then hall 'em out of the water? I saw this very thing on the telly over the weekend - v.brave!

BTW, Pine Mountain looks like a lovely spot!

Posted at 05/18/2009 16:48:12 by Colin Williams

Kelly’s first fish

Nice job...Congratulations, Kelly! :-)

Posted at 05/18/2009 21:22:57 by Chris Blatnick

Kelly’s first fish

Did the fish smile, too??

Posted at 05/19/2009 1:06:22 by JJ

Kelly’s first fish

very cool ... one of the most fun things you can do with a child

both my kids enjoyed going fishing with me ... Joel (12) still does ... but Andrea's a bit over it now she's 16!

Posted at 05/19/2009 1:24:36 by Gavin Knight

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