"Jesus Saved my Soul. GTD Saved my future."

Now there's a blog opener that will get someone's attention. It's from a blog post, How GTD Rescued Me, by Scott Gould. Scott's sharing his experience implementing GTD and specific the impact it's having on his life and ministry.

I know that there are a significant number of people in ministry that have implemented the GTD methodology to help them cope with a constantly changing set of priorities. For these people ministry is all about getting things done.

David Allen lovingly refers to these folks as ClerGTD.

I talked with a pastor friend about this phenomenon and he explained that GTD is the approach that allows him to serve his congregation and stay on top of things when his priorities can suddenly change with a phone call (e.g. Mrs. Smith is in the hospital, etc.)

I'm delighted to see the positive impact that GTD is having in people's lives.

Neat stuff.

Welcome to the GTD community, Scott. I look forward to reading about your experiences getting things done in ministry!

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Jesus Saved my Soul. GTD Saved my future

Hi Eric,

Thanks for much for the kind words. It wasn't until I posted this article last week that I discovered just how many people have found GTD to be a future saver.

I say future saver because it saved me from stuffing up what Christ called me to do in my future.

There's a lot of church folk who have no idea how to handle the extreme pressures and multiple responsibilities that ministry throws at them.

I'm looking forward to getting more into the GTD community on your blog - it's in my Google Reader now!

Thanks again,


Posted at 06/29/2009 15:47:53 by Scott Gould

re: Jesus Saved my Soul. GTD Saved my future

Happy to help. As David likes to say, GTD is nothing more than advanced common sense but if you apply these principles it will change your life.

Happy to help!

Posted at 06/29/2009 16:03:34 by Eric Mack

Jesus Saved my Soul. GTD Saved my future

Hi Eric

Just reading this through again, after some people were upset with what I said - that "GTD saved my future"

But it is like you said, GTD is nothing more than advanced common sense.

What do you think?

Posted at 07/04/2009 15:45:02 by Scott Gould

re: Jesus Saved my Soul. GTD Saved my future

Scott, I have no problem with it. At least not the way that I understood it. Your reference to GTD saving your future, as I read it, was not a reference to your spiritual salvation but rather a reference to your day-to-day survival skills. If I understood you correctly, and I think I did, then what you wrote seems entirely appropriate.

I do agree with Tony Pisani, that we should not put our hope in philosophies of this world, but I do not see you doing that with this post. I hope that you will continue to explore this topic further on your blog so that people can learn from your experience. I enjoy reading the experiences of Christ followers who write in such a way as to inspire me about heavenly things, yet give me perspective or equip me to deal with the day to day. I look forward to continued discussion. Feel free to Skype me. Tony and Dean are also good people to know. Both have been an encouragement to me as well.


Posted at 07/04/2009 17:58:27 by Eric Mack

Jesus Saved my Soul. GTD Saved my future

HI Eric

Many thanks for the encouraging words and glad to see we all are seeing the same way.

I'm very happy to have made the connection with yourself, as well as Tony and Dean, and as you say, look forward to the continued conversation.

I'll be sure to add you on skype!


Posted at 07/05/2009 1:14:40 by Scott Gould

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