UPS delivered a box from Amazon today. I have been expecting several knowledge management books but it turns out it was just a book by Michael Sampson.

Michael Sampson!?

Yes, that's right, Michael can now add published author to his list of accomplishments. (Sort of like being blessed with a 9th child.)
Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint to collaborate, innovate, and drive business in new ways, by Michael Sampson.

Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint technologies to collaborate, innovate, and drive business in new ways.

But wait! There's a problem. Kathy just walked into the room and I handed her the book. Her first comment was "Where's his picture?"

Even if you are not a SharePoint user, you can still learn a lot from Michael's book. I did. You'll learn about the capabilities of SharePoint and the lessons learned from collaborative implementations gone well and those that didn't go so well.

I think Michael has created a practical and unbiased guide to showing how to take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies to enhance collaboration, fuel team productivity, and improve business processes.  The book reintroduces Michael's Seven Pillars of Team Productivity and I think he does a balanced job of pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of SharePoint and then offering ways to make the most of a SharePoint implementation. This book could have been written about using IBM/Lotus technology for collaboration, but it looks like Microsoft Press got to Michael first. So, instead of being a blue book, it's orange.

I'm very excited about Michael's accomplishment for many reasons -- I know he's put many years of research into what makes seamless collaboration possible and he got a good grasp of technology. I also know that writing this book has been a tremendous investment in hours, not to mention sacrifice, to do the research, write the book and then edit it to a final form.

The Sampson family should be proud of this accomplishment. (Now, at last, Michael can devote his attention to writing a similar book for the IBM/Lotus suite of collaboration tools.)

Congratulations, Michael. Well done!

Seamless Teamwork is a great work - even without the author's photo! Buy your copy today. Better yet, buy three and give two away!

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It’s here! Seamless Teamwork, by Michael Sampson

Thanks Eric ... as far as I've seen, this is the first review by someone who actually has a copy.

A couple of points:

- having a photo on the cover never came up.

- Seamless Teamwork is not a re-introduction of the 7 pillars. It was going to be, but it didn't turn out that way. We decided to do something different, something more aligned with business people "after the line". See { Link } ... Seamless Teamwork fits in the "Maximization Strategy" box.

My best,


Posted at 11/20/2008 10:48:54 AM by Michael Sampson

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