I’ll keep Kathy and the M4

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
Well, it looks like Kathy will stay on as a guest host on the podcast; at least for now. I've received more feedback letters for Kathy than for me - perhaps I should rename this site: KathyMackOnline ...  In any case, we've recorded another update with some words of appreciation, thoughts on the Tecra M4 14" UXGA screen (I love it); the portfolio case (I'm sending it back); the fan (loud, but you can use power management to silence it); and a variety of other tablet related topics. Yes, I'm having fun; mostly. (Don't ask me about restore points and software issues.)

Once again, Kathy prevented me from doing the podcast with a straight face. I suppose that's what I get for asking he to join me in a podcast at 1:39 AM, when we could be asleep.  If you have 19 minutes, are still interested in my experience with the M4, and you voted to keep Kathy as my co-host, then here's another podcast for you.

Quick Tablet PC Update for May 25, 2005

Eric Mack On-line - May 25, 2005, (19 min 33 sec) MP3  4.47 MB

Show highlights:

- James Kendrick comes through with info on a build-it-yourself pop-filter
- Eric and Kathy review some of the feedback to last week's podcast. Thanks!
- Eric describes his idea for an M4 wedge; Kathy goes off on another tangent
- Handwriting recognition in Tablet OS is excellent; Eric needs to relearn cursive
- Thank you James and Lora for your help today
- Discussion of my recent experience using the Tablet in the car
- The agony of loading software; problems with XP restore points
- Eric's thoughts on his tablet experience so far
- Wrap-up

If you have specific questions; things that you would like to know about the M4 or my podcast experience; or if you have a question for Kathy (about home education, etc.), send it in. We'll try to get to it.

Note; The opinions of expressed my guests are entirely their own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of EricMackOnline.com. :-)

Discussion/Comments (4):

I´ll keep Kathy and the M4

You mention that the Tecra has not become a "productivity tool" for you yet. Without doubt, Tablet PCs change the way you work and it does take a while to really get to grips with what is best for you so hang in there and you'll fine in no time.

Whilst the handwriting recognition cannot be 'trained' you should make good use of the Dictionary Power Tool ({ Link } ) and the "Add to dictionary" option in the TIP to enhance the recognition of certain words/acronyms that you use frequently but aren't recognised out of the box.

Posted at 05/25/2005 6:02:54 by Colin Walker

I´ll keep Kathy and the M4

Nice podcast, once again with the addition of Kathy. :)

Two quick things- her name is spelled Lora and as Marc likes to say she's a member of the First Family of the Tablet PC.

Posted at 05/25/2005 8:55:12 by James Kendrick

I´ll keep Kathy and the M4

Oh, one more thing- trademark "Electric Wedgie" ASAP. :)

Posted at 05/25/2005 8:56:11 by James Kendrick

I´ll keep Kathy and the M4

Kathy, no toga. :)

Eric, it was a pleasure talking with you. Glad you're working through the situation with the software.

Posted at 05/25/2005 22:14:40 by Lora

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