One of the sessions I will present for each track will be a series of tips that I have collected and found useful. A few of these tips are my own invention, however, many are tips learned from colleagues, friends, bloggers and books. What I hoped to do was to tap the wisdom of the crowds to rank these. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to do this before I left.

IdeaJam to the rescue

My friend and fellow Notes enthusiast, Bruce Elgort has IdeaJam, a fantastic tool to tap the power of the social network to find out what's most important, most valuable, etc...

Before I took off for Manila, I wrote to Bruce and asked him if he would set up an IdeaJam space to allow me to share some of my favorite productivity tips that I have collected and allow folks to rank them in terms of value to them. Bruce came though and created the Beyond Planning IdeaJam site. He's created sections for all three categories of tips I plan to share: General, Advanced, and Executive.

Or not

The problem is that the internet here at my hotel is very slow (imagine using the internet on dial-up) so I won't be able to upload anything to the site. It would take me all day to do it from here.

I need your help for 5 minutes, today, if possible

First, please spread the word about this experiment on your blog. My internet access may be spotty so this may be something I put in motion and see what happens before I walk in stage. We'll see.

I'm looking for a few volunteers to type (cut and paste, really) productivity tips I have collected into the IdeaJam site to get the process started. This way, folks can vote on them. This could be a few hours work, but I'm sure it will be a valuable learning process to anyone up to the task.

For the rest of you, please go to the IdeaJam site and submit/vote on your favorite productivity tips in three categories:
  • General - tips that will be useful to anyone; not necessarily tech tips
  • Advanced - tips for the tech geek
  • Executive - tips for managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs

Meanwhile, I'll work on my own lists for Saturday's presentation (your Friday) just in case this experiment in social thinking does not work out in time. If it does, I'll not only share the results at the conference I'll also share them on the blog.

What's your favorite productivity tip?

I hope you will take a moment to post it. I'm mostly working off-line right now, thanks to Notes. When/If I get to a live connection, I'll try to upload some links to tips site so that you may review what others have ranked as useful tips and them select the one or two you find most valuable  and post them to ideajam

Vote for your Favorite productivity tips at IdeaJam

1. Visit the Beyond Planning IdeaJam site
2. Register (2 min, only used to give credit to contributors)
3. Once registered, do not click on the Login Now below the registration processing message.  Simply click on the Idea Jam logo at the top.
4. Post your favorite productivity tips and vote for others.

Thanks, this should be an interesting experiment and a good way to experience the power of idea jamming.

Thanks, Bruce!

Discussion/Comments (1):

I think we will try this experiment again another day...

The internet has been flaky for me today and tomorrow is Thanksgiving for everyone in the U.S..

I think I'll hold off on the IdeaJam idea for this round. That's no reflection on IdeaJam - it works great - just that we don't have sufficient time to get the word out.

I really like the IdeaJam model and I was even thinking today how cool it would be to tie this into SMS at the conference. Imagine - having 4,000 SMS users in one room, rating items in the IdeaJam from their phones with a real-time display on the overhead screens. I know just the people who could pull that off, too. Perhaps we'll try that at a future conference.

Meanwhile, I'm very excited about what Bruce has done and I look forward to using his technology again very soon.

Posted at 11/22/2007 4:51:18 AM by Eric Mack

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