I know what today’s next action is...

Saturday, August 11th, 2007
I've been so busy consulting with clients this week that I've had to do a number of emergency scans of my in-box, leaving all non-urgent emails to be processed some day...

Well, today is going to be some day:

20070811_PapersToProcess.jpg 20070811_1352UnreadE-MailsForEric.gif


Thankfully, I've got eProductivity for Lotus Notes and I'm experienced at Getting Things Done (Thank you David!); I know how to get back on track quickly.

I'll see you on the other side.

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I know what today’s next action is...

Best of luck pal. These are intense days but things look so much better on the other side of the effort. Love the icon BTW!

Posted at 08/11/2007 15:42:00 by Marc Orchant

I know what today’s next action is...

Eric, I think a post explaining your success of getting through so much email would be useful and may aid adoption of the eProductivity template. I'd certainly be interested in knowing how you applied the GTD methodology to catch up in this manner.

Posted at 08/14/2007 12:20:47 by Stu Downes

re: I know what today’s next action is...

Stu, that's an excellent suggestion! I'd like to do that. Unfortunately, last week, shortly after I blogged about dedicating the day to cleaning out my inbox a new "opportunity" showed up and I had to reprioitize my plans for the day. I ended up not processing email, so, this weekend, I hope to start again, with another hundred email beyond last Saturday. (I've been in client meetings all week.)

This will be a great test for me to eat my own dog food http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eat_own_dog_food and see how it tastes. [I already know the answer, but I'll measure and post the results anyway.]

Posted at 08/16/2007 23:42:30 by Eric Mack

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