Remember my recipe for homemade productivity juice?

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I guess I won’t be taking this on the plane...

I'm one of those folks who only travels with a carry-on bag when I fly -- even for (especially for) business. Our family has lost too much luggage over the years, so now we only use carry-on.

In my case, I usually only have one laptop that, with a no-longer-sold Eagle Creek laptop envelope, I can easily carry in my carry-on bag (or in my no-longer-sold soft-sided "personal item" Eagle Creek briefcase). Sometimes, I don't even take a laptop -- I've got a Palm TX (with Bluetooth and WiFi) that lets me do most of the same basic computing tasks as the laptop (email, web browsing, MS Office document editing, reading my RSS feeds, etc.).

I do a lot of international travel. "No liquids" I can handle -- I'm sure the airlines will make the appropriate adjustments for that. An outright ban on carry-on luggage, however, would be a major disaster for me. Even if I was comfortable with checking my bags, I couldn't imagine having to put my electronic (thief magnet) items in my unlocked checked bags (actually, I have the "TSA-approved" locks, but as they say "locks only keep the honest people out."). We've been conditioned over the last few decades *not* to put expensive or valuable items in checked bags specifically because of the high probability of pilferage or breackage. The airlines and the TSA, of course, disclaim any liability for theft or damage.

I'm curious. I know that you travel with quite a bit of electronic equipment. Do you carry that equipment onto the plane with you, or do you check it in with your *unlocked* hold luggage? How would further restrictions on carry-on luggage affect your business travel? Would you see yourself shipping stuff ahead (thus incurring additional personal costs)?

Posted at 08/18/2006 2:40:10 by Scott

I guess I won’t be taking this on the plane...

Same thoughts as Scott.

I work for a software company. We do on-site demo's, training, I work in the hotels when traveling etc etc. I can't imagine life without traveling with my laptop. Equally, I can't imagine checking my laptop either.

Remote access to emails etc is viable, but for our own proprietary software, what would we do?

Shipping a spare laptop ahead with a tracking courier, or renting a laptop at the other end may be possible, but much more expensive.

I can see that I will just drive more and more and more and more in this kind of situation.


Posted at 08/22/2006 12:49:55 by Paul

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