Do you have specs of dust under the screen of your Tablet PC? Blog reader, Marcus, posted these steps on my blog, today. Note that I do not recommend or condone these steps as they will surely violate your warranty. Still, I think it is a shame that a Tablet PC experience should be marred by a few specs of dust under the screen. Hopefully, Tablet PC vendors will find ways to ensure that no dust can enter the gap between the screen protector and the screen. (What about a gasket?)

In any case, here are the steps that Marcus submitted:
1.        You can remove the dust from under your screen fairly easily, actually:
2.        Remove the black triangle-shaped stickers from the top corners of your screen (you may need to use a pin to pry them off)
3.        Remove the four grey, rounded-square stickers on the bottom portion of your screen, in the same way, keeping the stickers in a place where they won't lose their 'stick'
4.        Unscrew all six screws, and carefully pry off the entire top portion of the screen panel (the panel's edge is located on the sides of the monitor (basically cutting your entire monitor in half)). It takes a little effort, but if you're careful you won't damage anything.
5.        Take a can of air spray and spray all dust out, or use a cloth if you prefer.
6.        Follow the same directions backwards to reassemble. I've done this several times with success; the whole process takes 15 minutes or less for me. Dust gone, no problem.

Of course, with your repair time, you could probably go to that UPS center yourself and just have them do it while you watch.

As I've recently blogged, my tablet PC issues, other than the dust problem, appear to now be resolved. If my unit were not still under warranty, I'd remove the dust myself. Since I've paid for a warranty and since Toshiba came through, for me at least, I do not plan to do anything that would risk violating my warranty while it remains in effect.

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How to remove dust from M4 Tablet PC Screen


I've also done this more times than I'd like on my M200.

Posted at 07/01/2006 13:31:05 by Warner Crocker

How to remove dust from M4 Tablet PC Screen

Here's How I cleaned my pc. It's pdf format.

{ Link }

Posted at 07/03/2006 23:58:38 by Felix

How to remove dust from M4 Tablet PC Screen


I too have a toshiba with dust trapped between the screen and I'm still under warranty so I'm not sure I want to do it myself. But I also don't want to not have a computer for several weeks. It sounds like you're saying that the UPS stores can actually remove the dust for me? I thought all I could do there was mail the package.



Posted at 05/07/2007 8:27:33 by Carol

re: How to remove dust from M4 Tablet PC Screen

The UPS stores probably don't know what a Tablet PC is. My comment was that UPS Logistics (Same company, different division) handles the repairs for Toshiba. best bet is to contact Toshiba and arrange for a repair.

Or, if you have the money, buy an IBM Thinkpax X60. ;-)

Posted at 05/07/2007 13:16:06 by Eric Mack

How to remove dust from M4 Tablet PC Screen

Oh good lord, I could write a book about the masturbation that Toshiba put me through in regards to the 'dust under the screen defect'! From Toshiba's initial denial of it even being possible on an M400; to getting run around to their repair facilities (over 250 miles driven) only to be told upon arrival at the facility that they are not certified to perform that repair; to the countless unanswered emails and voice mails; then finally to have them finally say: "just ship it back to the factory (on my dime), and we'll be sure to repair it and return it to you"--NO CHANCE was my thought... going by their demonstrated lack of competence, the odds I'd ever see my tablet again would likely be slim!

That's when it dawned on me...why am I trying to preserve what is effectively a pseudo-warranty? Doh! So out came the screwdriver, and 30 minutes later problem solved!

Now if only an immediate working solution for Toshiba's bloatware could be had... I've figured out my long term solution though: Never buy Toshiba again!

Posted at 04/30/2008 12:33:19 by NOshiba

re: How to remove dust from M4 Tablet PC Screen

Once I finally got my repaired M4 from Toshiba, he dust problem has not recurred.

However, for people considering Toshiba, I think they would do well to consider the thousands of unhappy Toshiba users. (I still never heard back from the Toshiba Rep that promised to contact me.) I give up.

Posted at 04/30/2008 12:44:16 by Eric Mack

How to remove dust from M4 Tablet PC Screen

Eric, that's the one word of advice I wish I had considered at it's full weight prior to plunking down the $2k+ for what has been a 'conceptually wonderful' but 'functionally mediocre' machine.

But hey, we are all given an allotment of one mistake for each of life's lessons in our pursuit of wisdom.

Posted at 04/30/2008 13:08:08 by NOshiba

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