How to gently tell a friend to buy a Mac

Thursday, August 24th, 2006
One way is to tease him publicly, like this.

20060823 - Four weeks without my Tablet PC.jpg

Michael knows that I'll have my Tablet PC back from repair tomorrow, but he's not going to miss any opportunity to leave a hint.

I guess Michael's not yet seen these Mac & Tablet PC commercials?

Seriously, a Mac is on my computing horizon. What I'd really like is a high resolution Apple tablet. I wonder if we'll see one this year?

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I’m pleased to report that I have my Tecra M4 back, good as new.

In total, it took two repair trips to resolve my 6 open issues.

Trip #1 (5 issues) one week turn-around.

Trip #2 (Clean dust from screen) 4 week turn around due to parts??

Other than the extreme delay and personal cost associated with not having my Tablet, I'm pleased at the resolution and glad to have my Tablet back.

Posted at 08/25/2006 10:27:32 by Eric Mack

How to gently tell a friend to buy a Mac - or a tablet!

A Mac Tablet would be superb... have you got any theories why Apple aren't doing this?

It seems such an obvious product given that Apple's market would love it (it's usually the creative people who want to play with my M4), the work their market does is creative (I've never seen a doctor using a Wacom Tablet) and Apple have the ability to create great interfaces (uh duh).

So are they just waiting to see if win tablet takes off? It's not like them to be risk averse and wait for MS to try things first...

Posted at 11/16/2006 6:45:43 by Andrew Redman

Mac Tablet

No idea why Apple has not released a Mac tablet. My best guess would be that the Tablet is more than just cool hardware - though Apple certainly does well in this area - it's also a combination of ink-enabled applications.

If Apple decides to enter this space, I'm sure they will do so creatively!

Posted at 11/20/2006 22:51:49 by Eric Mack

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