How does a 5-year-old use a PDA?

Friday, May 13th, 2005
This week was a big week at the Mack Academy. Kelly gradated from the first grade. To celebrate, we gave Kelly a Palm IIIc.


Kelly's no stranger to PDAs but this one is her very own - a fact that she's more than happy to remind her sisters about. Fortunately, her older sisters have Zire 72s that they saved for, and Emily will have her own Palm soon, too.

So, what does a 5 year-old keep on her PDA?
  • Games
  • Handy dandy [digital] notepad
  • Flash cards
  • Bible & Memory verse flash cards
  • Calendar
  • Lists of important  things to remember
  • Grandma's phone number
  • eBooks

I'm not pushing the kids with this -- just allowing them to use the same tools that dad uses. As I model best practices, like GTD, I hope that some of those will wear off on my children. This coming school year, we will begin to integrate PDA use into our routine. I'm in the process of equipping Kathy to prepare flash cards on her computer so that she can beam decks to the kids to study in the car.

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How does a 5-year-old use a PDA?

Congratulations, Kelly! That's a big accomplishment! I'll bet you made mom and dad very proud!


Posted at 05/13/2005 19:55:57 by Bert Webb

PDA Update

Emily completed her course work for second grade this weekend. She now has a PDA of her own, too.

Posted at 05/15/2005 21:12:40 by Eric Mack

Congrats Kelly!


Congratulations! I remember when I completed the first grade and I remember how proud I was. Too bad they didn't have Palm Pilot's in the 60' :-).

Good luck in 2nd grade.

Your dad's friend,


Posted at 05/16/2005 5:47:02 by Bruce Elgort

Which PDA Memory Software?


Just wanted to ask you what memory verse application you are using with your girls? Our children are also beginning to use and we've been looking for such a program.

Posted at 05/16/2005 6:29:28 by Pat

We use QuizWiz

Pat, we use QuizWiz for the Palm. It's freeware and works great. My wife and I can load quizzes into a test file and then beam them to the girls' hand-helds.

To find the latest version, Google for "QuizWiz"


Posted at 05/17/2005 12:38:02 by Eric Mack

How does a 5-year-old use a PDA?

Thanks for the info, Eric.

Posted at 05/20/2005 4:11:28 by Pat8

How does a 5-year-old use a PDA?

So my daughter is normal after all and not the only one playing with an PDA. She plays all games on my IPAQ wtih incredibele stylus skills.

rgds Ptr

Posted at 05/21/2005 0:32:29 by Pieter

How does a 5-year-old use a PDA?

Hmmm. No trackbacks? Well, great post. Your post and one from Overeducation made for interestin contrast, and I've hilighted that in a post on my blog.

Posted at 06/01/2005 20:11:48 by Dave Shearon

How does a 5-year-old use a PDA?

Thanks Daddy!

Posted at 11/24/2009 14:35:05 by Doodle Bug

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