To kick off the 2007 summer staff meeting at The David Allen Company, David chartered a motorcoach to take us all to see the new J. Paul Getty museum. One of his clients works at the Getty and invited David and Co. for a private tour of the museum. That was fun in and of itself. Inside the lobby of the museum, I was delighted to see Tim Hawkinson's Uberorgan.

Tim Hawkinson's UberOrgan at the J. Paul Getty MuseumTim Hawkinson's UberOrgan at The J. Paul Getty MuseumPaul Garth beats the heat at the J. Paul Getty Museum

Unfortunately, the organ was out of service, so we did not make as much noise as the title of this post would imply. I did manage to find this video on YouTube to give you an idea of what we did not hear:

The Überorgan reads roll-fed music from giant 250' long rolls with the notes encoded with paint. An optical sensor decodes the paint marks and triggers the volves that release air into the bowels and bladders of the organ. (That's the best way to describe it.)

After dinner, David took us all to Vincenzo's, in Santa Monica, where we were treated to a delightful Italian dinner.

On the bus trip home, our camp leader, Andrea Gleysteen, led us all in camp songs.
GTD Summer Camp Counselor, Andrea Gleysteen
OK, we really didn't sing any camp songs. Andrea kept us all in line. Most people slept, while David, Paul, and I talked about Personal Knowledge Management, why there's David feels there's no need for a GTD 2.0, and why most productivity vendors and the people who use productivity software simply don't get methodology of productivity. The next several days will be full of meetings for the staff and I will work with Paul, teaching how to handle the technology for the delivery staff. It should be a fun week.

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GTD Summer Camp: Making noise at The Getty Museum

Neat! I'm green with envy :-)

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