I'm in Newport Beach today, attending the GTD Mastering Workflow Seminar. Although I've been to about a dozen GTD and MAP* seminars over the past 15 years, I continue to learn something new each and every time I attend.

20080502GTDMasteringWorkflow.jpgKelly Forrister is our presenter today, so I'm certain it will be a great day of learning and fun with a group of people committed to getting things done at work and play.  I've had the good fortune to work with Kelly at four different organizations over the past 15 years. She's as passionate as I am about productivity and she's also a geek and we share a mutual interest for high-tech gear to support our productive lifestyle. (If you haven't done so, check out Kelly's blog.) Oh, and did I mention that Kelly uses Lotus Notes? She and I have been using Lotus Notes productivity since the early R3/R4 days.

The GTD Mastering Workflow seminar is a relatively new format for this material. Instead of the traditional 2-day seminar, David Allen presents a one day seminar, called GTD RoadMap, which covers the high-level perspective of GTD, including theory and application.  The second day, is called GTD Mastering Workflow, and it covers more of the hands-on DOING part of GTD.  Together they provide a great introduction, or in my case a refresher, to all things GTD.

The information in the seminars hasn't changed much - it's proven and it works. It's also simple. Too simple. That's why I find it refreshing to hear it again to see what I missed or what productivity tip I'm now ready to hear.

Well, the seminar is about to begin, so I'll sign off for now. Time and wireless-access permitting, I'll try to post updates on the NotesOnProductivity blog.


* Long before these seminars took on the GTD brand, they were called "Managing Actions and Projects". Same great stuff, finely tuned for results.

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