GTD and the Ironing Board

Friday, May 5th, 2006
Well, you would think being the wife of David Allen's "Technology Guru", Eric Mack, that I would have attended countless GTD seminars over the years.  Due to child care restraints, it just never happened for me.

In March, a dear aunt stepped forward to watch our children, and I headed with my husband to Santa Monica for David's RoadMap seminar.

The night before David's seminar, Eric told me about some of the questions that David would ask in the seminar.  He asked me..."If tomorrow's RoadMap seminar were a wild success, what would that look like?" He wanted to know what I could walk away with that would make my life easier/better/organized, etc..

My flippant remark was that "all my ironing would be done."  I know, it sounds crazy in this age of permanent press, but our family wears a lot of cotton, my girls wear a lot of skirts and dresses, and my husband wears lots of dress shirts.  Thus we have lots of wrinkles, and the ironing grows quickly in a family of six.  Sometimes, I set aside one of our guest rooms as a laundry pile.  Yes, the entire room.  Now, some of you might be wondering why I'm not traipsing down to the  dry cleaners for their fluff and fold services.  The nearest one is 70 miles away, so it's easier to do it myself.

So, while listening to David speak, it suddenly hit thirteen year old twin daughters have been asking me to teach them how to iron.  I hadn't really been motivated in the past, as trying to huddle over one ironing board while I tried to teach them would only slow me down.  To be honest, I don't have spare time right now to be slowed down.  But, if each girl had her own ironing board, iron, spray bottle, and starch - I could teach them how to iron, while I was still getting ironing done!

The very next day
, while still in Santa Monica, I went out and purchased the much needed items.  Not too many people go to Santa Monica to purchase ironing supplies, and I don't think too many people in Santa Monica iron, because the supplies were hard to find,  but I was thrilled when I finally found them!  The possibilities were more than I could begin to dream.

The next week, my daughters and I set up our boards, and we completed half of the ironing in one session!  When they realized that the best way to iron was while watching a movie, they actually began volunteering to iron!
I can now say, for the first time in many, many, many years, that my ironing is done!

While many people who left the seminar likely went back to their homes and offices to organize their files, I went home and got the ironing done.

Thanks, David!

Kathy Mack

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GTD and the Ironing Board

I've been thinking about this for weeks. I live on my own and ironing is one of those things that just has to be done. I've discovered that the best solution, akin to big wide screens while using a computer, is an ironing system like the use in dry cleaners and laundrettes. I've talked to several housewives in the know and they all say it cuts your ironing time in half. They only cost about 150€.

Posted at 05/05/2006 4:12:12 by Matthew Bennett

GTD and the Ironing Board

Excellent! Delegate, delegate, delegate! as they say!

I assume boards in Santa Monica are usually of the surfing rather than the ironing type!

Next action: get Eric his very own ironing board! ;-)

Posted at 05/05/2006 5:34:29 by Pascal Venier

GTD and the Ironing Board

I've been a silent reader of your blog and this is the first time I read your other half writing.

It is nice to hear a solution from different problem for GTD.

Finally, you got your ironing done and your own blogging time. Please post more of your comments Kathy!

Posted at 05/05/2006 11:25:43 by L

GTD and the Ironing Board

I can relate to the ironing issue but you've also inspired me to think about what else is on my "list" and to find creative solutions. Thanks!

Posted at 05/06/2006 5:00:30 by Donna

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