Groove, MindManger & OneNote Tips

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
MindManager and OneNote offer a compelling solution for brainstorming, visual mapping and digital note-taking. Unfortunately, they are not [yet] well suited for distributed group contributions.

I've come across a few posts about how people have creatively used Groove to handle file-sharing of MindMaps and OneNote Notebooks at the file-level.  I read that MindJet and Groove once had a formal relationship to develop tighter integration between their product. Unfortunately, information that I could find reference old versions of both products.

I'm curious to know if any of you are using Groove in conjunction with OneNote or MindManager. If so, perhaps you would like to share some of your best practices.

PS. Lots if interesting news on the home front. Busy with development at eProductivity.NET. My Paperless Tablet project is progressing very well ( I'm actually closer to YABHTU than I expected); and I've captured notes about my document scanning experiences. I hope to share these soon.

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Groove, MindManger & OneNote Tips

Have you checked out the recent OneNote Powertoys from Andy Grey of { Link } ?

There should be a whole lot more once the finalists of the MS Contest are announced. I'm starting a list at { Link } in hopes of finding the other 1000+ OneNote PowerToys that were submitted.

Posted at 11/09/2005 17:01:40 by AdminID

Groove, MindManger & OneNote Tips

We use Groove with Windows Journal to store all of our software design screen sketches, I find journal better than one note for files that have to be shared and/or used on more than one machine. Drop me a line if you want more info.

Posted at 11/09/2005 23:49:37 by Dave Verwer

Groove, MindManger & OneNote Tips

We use Groove shared folders to share common MindManager maps. This means we only have one map per project or subproject, which is crucial to avoid the "rabbit effect". We use an add-in for MindManager that shares the lock files across Groove to avoid collisions when editing shared maps. We also use ResultsManager to scan shared maps and harvest aggregated next-action lists. If anyone is interested in how this system works I'd be glad to demo it. Best regards, Nick

Posted at 11/10/2005 1:42:33 by Nick Duffill

Groove, MindManger & OneNote Tips


We (me, Doug Sorocco, Matt Buchanan) use MindManager+Groove for our collaboration on our Rethink(IP) projects (


Posted at 11/10/2005 17:02:46 by Steve Nipper

Groove, MindManger & OneNote Tips

Offtopic, sorry, but I so wish these two products could be integrated. "OneNote Structure" or "MindManager With Notes".

Posted at 12/07/2005 14:27:49 by JD

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