I've been mind mapping for results for many years. A few years ago, I started using MindManager, rather than paper and pens. Now that I can to use MindManager as a dashboard for Lotus Notes, I've been integrating MindManager into more of my day-to-day projects. (Thanks, Hobie!)


This summer, I've challenged myself to use MindManager to a greater degree - as a visual project management tool for a few key projects on my plate.  Beyond Crayons creator, Nick Duffill, of Gyronix, has agreed to coach me in using ResultsManager, a powerful MindManager add-in, to help me manage my projects using MindManager maps.

I've agreed to blog (or podcast) about the process, and Nick will do the same from his perspective. Think of it as blogging in Stereo. It's an adventure I look forward to and I'm delighted to have Nick as my guide. (I actually told Nick I would start this adventure a many weeks ago, only life, school, and a few client projects got in the way.)

Stay tuned. No idea how often I'll post, but I'll share the experience along the way...

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Greater Results from MindManager - in Stereo

I shall follow your experiment with interest.

I wondered, now that there is a version of MindManager for Mac OS, whether there are any plan to develop a version of ResultsManager for Mac?

Posted at 06/22/2006 13:17:11 by Pascal Venier

Greater Results from MindManager - in Stereo


We're waiting at the moment to learn whether Mindjet will support MindManager for MAC in their Solution Partner program.

Posted at 06/22/2006 13:59:30 by Nick Duffill

Greater Results from MindManager - in Stereo

I will be following with much interest as well! I've used MindManager to organize my daily to-do-lists, my classes and class notes for quite some time now but didn't feel the need to purchase ResultsManager right away. Since then, MindManager has crept more into my life and is implemented in the organization of my GTD lifestyle, including my busy school life. I will be receiving my copy of ResultsManager in a few days and look forward to beginning and sharing my own experience with this add-in for MindManager.

I am excited to follow your journey as I embark on my own and am anxious to see whether our discoveries reveal any similarities along the way!

Posted at 06/22/2006 14:29:19 by Jason Dorko

Nick is blogging the left channel

Nick Duffill and I had our first mapping session today. I'll post a podcast, soon. Meanwhile, here are Nick's notes on today's session. http://duffill.blogs.com/beyond_crayons/2006/06/stereoscopic_bl.html

Posted at 06/22/2006 21:37:39 by Eric Mack

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