I took off the last few weeks to complete my graduate research and writing for my final project for my Master of Information and Knowledge Management degree. It feels great to mark that item as "Complete." Other than a few blog posts about the National KM Conference, I've been off-line. No email, No Internet. No Twitter.

A few people have asked how what my office setup looked like as I worked to complete this assignment:
This is my workstation. I use 3 monitors and optionally, two projectors to work.Here's my workstation set up for studying: 24" 1200x1900 Portrait monitor on the left, Hi Res 1680x1050 Laptop in the middle and a 30" 2560x1600 display for MindManager on the right. From time to time, I will also use the two projection screens in the background. All are controlled by my laptop.

Knowledge Management, PKM, and Productivity Papers to read...The work begins here, with research papers to read. Yes, I could use my tablet and I normally prefer to, but when you are handling and marking up hundreds of papers, paper still has the advantage for speed and visual reference.
Knowledge Management Library
I keep my KM library close at hand so that I can reference and take Notes quickly. For quick access research, I file papers in racks on my desk. For long-term findability, I scan these to PDF in Notes. All of my Notes about the papers and books I have read get filed, either in Personal Brain (ideas/references), or MindManager (if related to my paper), or Lotus Notes or a file folder (Backup material).  I do scan some docs, but for short-term disposable use paper and folders are faster.

I do all of my writing in Mind Manager and I use Lotus Notes and Personal Brain to manage my content. When I am all done with my map, I export to Word, tweak and turn in.

With this project behind me, I look forward to getting back to work with eProductivity and with my KM work. Lots of exciting things happening with both.  I have a few thousand emails to process and some key projects that I need to pick up again. (good thing I use eProductivity)

I'm looking forward to blogging again, too.

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Graduate paper done, thanks to Notes/MindManager/Brain


Great news. Would love to chat with sometime in the near future. I am looking to "retire" from active consulting next year - or at least reducing my work load to significant "part time"...would like to explore some of the areas we talked about before.


Posted at 08/17/2009 14:19:21 by Wayne Mackirdy

Graduate paper done, thanks to Notes/MindManager/Brain


Congratulations on getting everything done - and now having another Master's Degree to add to your already lengthy resume.

It was a real pleasure working with you over the past several months.


Posted at 08/17/2009 15:15:35 by Allan Crawford

re: Graduate paper done, thanks to Notes/MindManager/Brain

Thanks, Wayne. I would love to talk with you about joining our team. We have room for people with your experience. Turn Skype of DoNotDisturb and I'll Skype you. Or, Skype me. g2u.

Posted at 08/17/2009 16:24:15 by Eric Mack

re: Graduate paper done, thanks to Notes/MindManager/Brain

Allan, it was not only a pleasure but a privilege to work with the likes of you, Tracey Wik, and Kent Greenes. These were extraordinary courses and I learned a lot. Looking forward to partnering (or competing) with you folks in the future. Meanwhile, I'm very excited about having you join me for the PKM workshop and panel at KMWORLD. I'll look for you on Skype. - Eric

Posted at 08/17/2009 16:27:51 by Eric Mack

Graduate paper done, thanks to Notes/MindManager/Brain

Eric, thanks for this look into your world. My positive takeaway is less about how you do it and more about how your volume dwarf's mine and for some probably sick and twisted reason that makes me feel better about what I found overwhelming a few moments ago.

Also congrats on the degree piece, you are truly a genius and an honor to your family and faith

Posted at 08/24/2009 7:52:25 by Maux Gavin

Graduate paper done, thanks to Notes/MindManager/Brain


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Posted at 09/03/2009 1:54:50 by K James

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