Our world is getting smaller.

Allan just pinged me on Skype. That's not unusual, we use Skype to stay connected. However, today, he Skyped me from somewhere over California. He's flying on Southwest Airline and using their new in-flight WiFi. A few minutes later my Skype phone rang and it was him.

This reminded me of a story from about 13 years ago. I used to commute to San Francisco from Burbank and I would call the house from the plane to tell my children to waive at the aircraft as it flew over (at 20,000'). One day, my twins wanted to talk to me, but Kathy told them that they would have to wait because I was on an airplane. They said something like, "No problem, Mommy, just call the airplane and tell the stewardess to put Daddy on the phone".

Now, they would not have to bother the stewardess; they could simply Skype me themselves.

Perhaps next time, Allan's in-flight, we'll have to try an in-Flight OneNote session.

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Got my first Skype from a friend - from 20,000 feet

My suspicion is that they will figure out how to block skype....at least I'm hoping they do. All I need is someone sitting next to me chatting away at the top of their voice while I'm trapped in a middle seat six inches from their headset on five hour flight from LA to NY.

Having said that - it is pretty cool.

Posted at 08/28/2009 15:56:04 by Allan

re: Got my first Skype from a friend - from 20,000 feet

I agree. Same reason I'm opposed to cell phone use in-flight, even if it is safe for the aircraft. But, it is amazing nonetheless to think that there are few places where we cannot connect.

Posted at 08/28/2009 16:02:02 by Eric Mack

Got my first Skype from a friend - from 20,000 feet

And to think that there are folks struggling with making skype calls on their cable/dsl connections. ;)

Posted at 08/28/2009 17:44:43 by Bilal Jaffery

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